Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Sweet Dreams: Seascape Sleep Oil

I hadn't heard about Seascape as a brand until they got hold of me (squee!) and offered up this lovely little bottle as an introduction. Based in Jersey in the UK (shipping to UK Addresses is FREE!), they ship worldwide (signed for post so its a bit pricey) and their product range boasts : "No parabens, no silicones, no SLS, no petroleum, no artificial colours, no artificial fragrances". I like it already.

The Seascape Sleep Oil  is part of the Soothe Range and contains 100% natural essential oil of Lavender which is supposed to be the be-all and end-all of relax and calm. The oils from Grape Seed, Sweet Almond, Bitter Orange Flower and Mandarin Orange Peel work with the Lavender to balance the mind and deliver a gentle, relaxing fragrance. Perfect for using at night when you are getting ready to settle.

This isn't the heady, over powering (sometimes pongy) hit of lavender. Oh No Siree. Sleep Oil is much, much gentler. Sleep oil is warm, and quiet and comforting and relaxing and zen. It is bliss, in a little rollerball topped bottle.

The rollerball applicator means it goes exactly where you want it to go without excess oil running everywhere. But it is also my bug-bear... I am not a fan of rollerball applicators because they get stuck. On the otherside of that, anything other than a rollerball would be messy, so I don't know how I would prefer to see this dispensed.

The other thing is that this is so gentle and light, that I feel like I need to keep applying this oil because the smell evaporates into nothing within a few minutes. After 5 minutes I can't smell this on my skin even when I put my wrist right up to my nose. I suppose this is a good thing because I struggle with heavy, heady scents that hang around too long and induce headaches, but it is also a bad thing because I like the scent and I want to keep smelling it as I drift off, and its a good thing because it fades away as you drop off to sleep and is unobtrusive and calming but I want it to still linger a little bit....

I keep it next to my chair to use at night while I am watching TV and unwinding. I think for commuters this would be a great little secret weapon to slip into your bag and use on the commute home so that you arrive home calm and centered. A great little relaxation ritual starter...

All of the Soothe range is fragranced with pregnancy – safe essential oils, so you can use this through your pregnancy without worry. Disclaimer: Mom, relax. This is not a "hint", I am NOT pregnant.

While I do like the Sleep Oil, I will not replace it. The smell evaporates far too quickly for my liking, and while it it something that adds a small element of relaxation to my bedtime ritual, I can't say that it would be any different if I didn't have this.

Seascape Sleep Oil costs £10 for the 8ml rollerball bottle that comes beautifully packaged. I assume the rest of the Soothe range will come just as beautifully packaged and would make a really great gift for a friend who deserves a bit of pamper. I have my eye on the Soothe Body Butter which I think would be wonderful if it smells anything like the Sleep Oil.

Find Seascape products on their website

**product sent for review, opinion my own


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