Friday, 21 February 2014

Summer Prep: Dove Summer Glow + Soft Shimmer

I have had Dove Summer Glow in my stash for a while now, and it is one of those things that I always have in my cupboard. Yes it smells a bit odd after you have been wearing it all day, and if you don't wash your hands properly they will turn a bit orange, but this is one of those old faithfuls that will never die. A body moisturiser with a bit of self tan in the mix, this new one has a very very fine shimmer running through it, so you can build your tan, while on a night out, and have a bit of a shimmery finish to your skin while you do it. And its pretty good.

My skin tone has a sufficiently yellow undertone so that once the DHA (self tan) has developed, this doesn't look orange on me, instead it leaves me with a lovely subtle colour. I normally go with the Light variation and had expected the Medium to Dark variation to really lean orange one me, but it doesn't. I honestly can't see much of a difference between the two.

Upon first application this light yellow cream smells floral-y and sinks in pretty quickly. It gives a good moisture boost and skin looks and feels soft and the shimmer catches the light, but not in an Edward Cullen way. As the day progresses your skin takes on a light tanned colour and if you layered this on with a heavy hand, you will start to smell the "Self Tan Smell". Nothing a quick shower can't cure.

I quite like the little bit of shimmer in the formula, it is very very subtle but it does make me feel a bit "special". Yes I know... it takes very little to make me feel special. And it is pretty much fool proof, as long as you make sure to rub it on properly All over. Doing this will prevent streaking, although the colour that develops the first two or three uses is fairly light, so you can't really make a mistake as long as you rub it in properly.

See...??? The shimmer is subtle!

You can layer up the colour by applying a layer of cream everyday until you get the colour you are looking for. A word of warning though, ankles, knees & elbows tend to collect/attract the colour, so easy does it over those areas unless you are intentionally want orange ankles, elbows and knees. Moisturise those area's first before slapping on Dove Summer Glow.

Dove Summer Glow + Shimmer is a good way to build up a light layer of colour in a quick easy fuss free way. You can get hold of Dove products fairly widely (Dunnes, Tesco and pharmacies) and they are cheap enough to chuck in a bottle with the groceries without feeling like it would breaking the bank.

This 200ml bottle cost me €3.50 (in July 2013) and I used it (on my arms & legs) all through July, August & September and then again in October & November leading up to my South African Holiday and it is about 1/4 (one quarter) full, making this fantastic value, even if it does just take the blue cast off my limbs.

Fingers crossed that we get another good summer this year and that it comes while the kids are on holiday.

**I was previously sent the Dove Summer Glow Light to review and I liked it enough to finish it and go out and buy the Medium/Dark version 


  1. I love this stuff! I'm not very good at self tanning so I have to use gradual tanner. This one is really good!

    alex @

  2. I actually love this stuff. Makes tanning so much easier


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