Friday, 28 February 2014

Kerstin Florian Correcting Rescue Créme: Great for Winter

I have had this heavenly pot of Kerstin Florian Correcting Rescue Créme in my possession for a good few months now. And I am ready to make a call on it: its mostly good.

For my combination skin this is a Winter Winner, perfect for these few cold months where the icy wind cuts right through your skin and rattles your bones. The Correcting Rescue Créme is very rich, soothing, smoothing and  totally comforting for wind burned sensitive skin. Or any kind of sensitive skin. This little pot of gorgeous smelling cream does what is says on the tin.

Correcting Rescue Créme is an "ultra-moisturising, paraben-free, protective crème that acts like a calming blanket to shield the skin from extreme climate conditions. A rich formula with a high concentration of fatty acids rapidly improves hydration and enhances the skin's ability to retain moisture. Anti-inflammatory botanicals help soothe redness associated with rosacea-type skin conditions". I am not so sure about the last statement, but it is soothing and calming and cooling on sore, raw skin.

I passed on a good sample of the cream to one of my Sisters-in-law (who has dryish skin, prone to irritation, and she is undergoing a few cosmetic skin treatments as well) to test out its efficacy and she liked it too. "Smells great, goes on very easy and sinks in quickly. Skin feels really soft but not at all greasy". Which I would mark as another win because she is VERY fussy about what she uses on her face.

Kerstin Florian as a brand is based in Southern California and founded in 1978 by Swedish-born Kerstin Florian, a spa expert with more than forty years of experience in the industry. Kerstin has managed a doozey in this cream. Its really lovely and has helped my skin to avoid the sore scabby skin stage of this 4week Flu, with not a jot of stinging. I like it.

The Correcting Rescue Créme is a thick, white, fresh herbal scented cream that is immediately comforting and soothing on application. I use the enclosed spatula to scoop a bit of cream out of the pot, warm it between my fingers and then pat it onto my face before gently massaging it in. This will suit dry skin types more than oily/combo skins though as while this sunk in quickly on my cheeks and my very dry (tissue ravaged) nose, it did linger a little longer than I would have liked on my typically oily areas: my chin & forehead. It isn't unpleasant, but it is better to use this at night.

Now, Kerstin Florian Correcting Rescue Créme is very pricey coming in at  €60 for the 50ml pot (which will last you AAAAGGGEEESSS), but I think it is definitely worth saving for especially if you suffer from dry skin because this will help you immensely.

You can find Kerstin Florian at The Marker Hotel Spa in Dublin and some online stockists.

**Product sent for review, opinions my own

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  1. Pricey but sounds great, i think when it comes to skincare you should go with what works for you even if that means it costs a little more!


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