Monday, 3 February 2014

Gently Gently: Neostrata Ultra Brightening Cleanser

I was absolutely thrilled when this Ultra Brightening Cleanser from NeoStrata's Enlighten range came through the door. I have previously raved about the Illuminating serum and I positively orgasm-ed over their Glycolic Peel, and so I had no hesitations in adding this silky, citrus scented cleanser into my routine.

For your €35 you will get a 100ml squeezy tube with that all important flip top lid. I like a flip top lid. I am clumsy as all heck and I can't be bothered scrambling around the bathroom floor, chasing after a screw-on lid. The actual cleanser itself is a light orange, opaque gel, that smells gorgeous, feels very luxurious and spreads like a dream.

While this is a gel cleanser, it doesn't really foam. Well it does, but it doesn't quite sud up like a traditional foam cleanser would. It creates a kind of creamy foam when it combines with a little bit of water. I LOVE this. This is the kind of cleanser I would expect to have used on my face if I went in for a facial. I don't use this as my first cleanse (ie: taking off my make-up)... I like to use this to do a proper cleanse.

While it is incredibly gentle, I do feel that this is a really effective cleanser if you put in a bit of effort and massage it into your skin. And this isn't the kind of cleanser that is going to strip your skin, instead this feels like you are rinsing an oil based cleanser off your skin when you are done cleansing. It rinses off easily and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean without leaving me feeling like my skin is going to squeak.

Ultra Brightening Cleanser contains NeoGlucosamine to gently exfoliate the skin and Alpine Plant extracts to help brighten the skin, and combined with a little massage (paying particular attention to my pigment spots) while in the shower it does give my skin a great glow once it is rinsed off. And my face feels gorgeously smooth and soft and ready to receive its next treat: Neostrata's Illuminating serum, which is the 2nd step in Neostrata's Enlighten trio...

I have had this cleanser for 3 months and I recon the tube is still about three quarters full. You really do need very little and the amount that is pictures above is enough for 2 washes. I have taken to hiding it from my husband though as he will use what ever is in the shower to wash his face and he isn't as discerning about how much of a product he uses as I am (he is of the "more is better" school of thinking). I generally use this in the evenings when I am in the shower and it is a real pleasure to use. I am going to be very sad when this runs out, but hopefully but then I would have found something else to try. I suspect that I will find a way to replace this though...

Now Neostrata products can be a bit of a pain to get hold of (there is not a single stockist in Louth), but Neostrata do have a stockist page on their Irish website, which is helpful.

**PR Sample Gratefully Received


  1. This sounds great I always look dead in the morning this should help haha x

  2. I have this but haven't used it yet, looking forward to now!

  3. I tried to find a stockist of this but couldn't, bit annoying. working such long hours in a salon does havoc to my skin so could do with this beauty, going to check the link you left at the end, fingers crossed I'll have my mitts on it soon ;)


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