Sunday, 12 January 2014

W7: budget brand doing budget make-up

W7. A UK budget brand that is surprisingly lovely, considering their prices are nicer even than good old essence.

The brand sent me a few bits to try as I have been hearing great things about their line. Especially the powder blushes (which I hear are a fantastic benefit dupe...).

If you can get your hands on the W7 line, their prices are fantastic and the quality isn't too bad especially for beginners or youngsters. But there is the problem... getting your hands on the range in Ireland. Cara Pharmacy stocks it online and they have a good few products, but only one of the ones the brand sent me. So we will start with that.

W7 Silky Eyes Eye Shadow Quad - Shades of Grey €2.99
4 Gorgeous shimmery shades of grey. Pigmentation on the top two colours and the bottom right colour (the white, the silver and the darkest grey in the palette) isn't fantastic, but they work nicely for a soft subtle work eye. It's Shimmer City with these three but the bottom left shade is very, very nice indeed. A gun-metal grey that is very pretty in a smokey eye.

I swatched the colours with a normal hand (not to lightly nor too heavily) in the pic,  and it does look a little disappointing in the photo but my hand was freshly washed and grease free so the shadow had nothing to stick to. But on my oily lids the colour is more intense and it lasted a whole 10hrs of running around like a mad chicken doing the school run groceries, cleaning the house, taking a dear friend for coffee, walking the dogs, fetching and dropping kids, making lunches, after-school activity runs, making dinner, family game-time (monopoly) bath-time and bed-time. When I went to take my face off at 8pm... my foundation was gone... but my eyes still looks pretty dang good. Not bad for 3quid.

Now on to the other bits that Cara Pharmacy don't stock, but I did find it on this website: Love Cosmetics,  they have a MAHOOSIVE range of W7 and they will deliver to the good old R of I.

W7 Hide It Concealer light/medium  £1
Super creamy. This little twist up bullet is best described by those two words. Light/Medium is a great fit for my skin, but this would suit a drier skin better than my oily skin: unfortunately it just slips off my face within a few hours. And it is so soft and creamy (even in chilly old Ireland) that you need to be really careful with the bullet as mine broke after I used it to try to "colour in" under my eyes.

W7 Showing Out Mascara - Blackest Black £1.95
Not a lot to say here really apart from the fact that the brush is Massive! The staying power of Showing Out is pretty standard. It lasted the whole day with minimal flaking, my lashes never felt crunchy or hard and it removed like a dream. It didn't massively show off my lashes, or enhance them or make them look like falsies,  but it did a fair job, and for the price it is a winner for day-to-day wear.

W7 Creme de la Creme cream blush - Divine  (not sure of the pricing as I can only find it in Amazon £1.77)
My favourite of the bunch, considering I am not a massive fan of bubble gum pink. But this imparts quite a nice little bit of color without being overly girly. Kinda like I had a brisk walk in the crisp winter sunshine. Pretty and light, but buildable, with ok staying power over my BB Cream. I am using an ELF Stipple brush to apply and buff it into the apples of my cheeks and it blends and sets quite nicely since I have zero experience with a cream blush. I like it and have been reaching for it quite a bit since I've had it.

All in all W7 are great for beginners or those on a very tight budget and need a wee treat. The star is the cream blush though, easy enough to use and blend and a really good price for the size of product. Its not the most pigmented or the longest lasting, but it IS a BUDGET brand.

Now I would love to try their boxed powder blushers as I am starting to get more adventurous and see how a nice blusher can really lift the face and complete a look.

I like W7 and I would love to try more of their range, but I am finding it difficult to get my hands on product to see it before I buy it. W7 will deffo give essence a run for it's money if they go with a wider distribution, but until then... essence and Catrice are still my Queens of Budget Beauty Bits


  1. I haven't tried any of these particular products, but I have one of their boxes of blush & it is quite good! Also, I saw a few W7 things in a Sam McCauleys so maybe they're introducing the range? Because I'm really liking the look of the cream blush!

  2. I haven't tried anything from w7 but love the look of that blush, will be keeping an eye out!

  3. Hi,
    My company is the distributor of w7 in Ireland. I would be happy to send you a goody bag of samples for review , and i'll also send you list of stockists , both online and retail if you like.
    Send me your address if you want


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