Friday, 17 January 2014

Raw Gaia Organic Hemp Heaven Glow Spray

I won this bright green bottle of Organic Hemp Heaven Glow Spray from Raw Gaia on twitter before we went to South Africa, so it came with me on the plane as an extra moisturiser to try. A light, fine, moisturiser-spray in a bottle that is travel friendly? I'm all over it.

This spray was so handy and I am glad I had it with me in addition to my Vichy Thermal water spray because the Vichy spray didn't do much to sooth Hannah's instant Super itch than came upon us out of NOWHERE in midair somewhere over the Mediterranean (Hannah has eczema FYI). Raw Gaia to the rescue and it wasn't just instant relief... it was long lasting relief. She only asked to use the spray once more on our 10hr flight and that was 5hrs after I had used on her it the first time. And it was a great skin moisturiser while we were on the plane which can have extremely drying effects on skin.

You do need to shake the heck out of this spray to mix/emulsify the hemp oil, argan oil, and essential oils with the floral waters (Juniper and Sage). Otherwise the oil just floats to the top of the water and all you get going to the little pipe that sucks up the fluid is just the water bit and you don't get any of the good oils. So Shake it like a "polaroid peechur", to quote Andre 3000.

Raw Gaia say that their Organic Hemp Heaven Glow Spray is the ultimate tonic for all skin types, but a word of warning: this is quite oily. Not at first. The first 4-5 sprays are just water but if you have given this a proper shake then the next spray will be oil and water. It smells amazing. But it is rather oily and may not do your makeup any favours during the day if you have combination/oily skin like me. But it's fabulous at night...

I like to spray 2 full pumps onto my fingers and massage it into my cheeks and around my lips and down my neck, but making sure to avoid my t-zone as it just makes me wake up like a grease ball. If I stick to my dry-ish zones when I wake up my cheeks feel soft and plump and nicely hydrated. It absorbs fairly quickly, but it does give enough slip/grip to give skin a lovely massage before it is absorbed.

This spray is quite expensive coming in at £29.99 for the 50ml spray bottle, but it is going to last you AAAAGES , I am not even half way through mine and I have had it 4 months and I use it every other day. And I used this a good bit on Hannah's itchy bits while we were in SA when I didn't have body cream close by. I am going to go ahead and make the assumption that due to the purity of their products any thing you choose will last you a good while as you only need to use a small amount. If you like proper Organic, cruelty free, vegan, natural products then Raw Gaia is worth investigating as they do a wide range of products.

The Raw Gaia website has a fab write up on what all the ingredients are  good for and what they are supposed to do in the long term. They will deliver to Ireland and they do a nice range of sample sizes at a great price so you can try before you commit the big bucks. I don't think I will repurchase this spray though, but it is purely because it is out of my price range. I might attempt to mix up something similar in my own kitchen though..

I am looking forward to sampling some of their clay face packs as I am feeling a bit of congestion from over-indulging over christmas now, and the trial sizes will be a perfect treat without breaking the bank.

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