Monday, 6 January 2014

Cleanse Off Mitt Bandwagon: I'm on it.

If you are on twitter you will have no doubt seen something about this new company filling the twittersphere with the #campaignbinthewipes. I am here to tell you I have sat my rather over-inflated-bum (Christmas 2013 is just passed) on this bandwagon.
The humble Cleanse Off Mitt. It's Amazing!

A neat, blue, microfibre cloth that is sewn together to make a little mitt that fits nicely over your hand. It also has a handy wee tab to hang it on a hook to dry. Just add water to remove a full face of slap. And it works. You will have seen loads of rave reviews... it really does work. You do need to be gentle and patient to remove waterproof mascara, but it will come off. I don't have the patience so I get a bit of help from a bit of cleanser to fully remove.

 And their big selling point... its better for your skin than using wipes. Also since you are re-using this mitt it is also better for the environment. It is better all round than using a wipe. I don't like wipes. I like the Cleanse Off Mitt. It costs the same as (if not a bit less) than a packet of wipes and will last you much longer and will not strip your face of its acid mantle.

Your whole hand can fit inside this mitt, its big enough to do your whole face.

I might have used the odd baby wipe to tackle super-dooper heavy eye makeup before I went in with my cleanser, but it isn't something I would do more than once in 3 or 4 months, and now I don't have babies I don't have easy access to wipes. I prefer a proper cleanser and a face cloth or my beloved Human + Kind cleansing cloths. But they tend to get manky and grey after about 6 months and no amount of milton soaking or boiling gets them back to white. That won't be a problem for me anymore because this blue beauty will take care of the make-up removing first cleanse in my double cleanse routine.

So you soak the cloth with warm water and start to wipe gently at your face. Foundation comes off instantly, as does eyeshadow. Eyeliner and mascara needs a bit of a soak (10 seconds or so of holding it over my eyelid just wiggling the cloth back and forth GENTLY) and it all comes away. No rub-a-dub-scrubbing to be done. Then I go in with my cleanser because it is my routine. This is normally something I do in the shower, so I have plenty of warm water to help shift the slap. And then I go in with my proper cleanser. I'm a double cleanse kinda girl...

 I use ordinary liquid hand soap to wash my mitt and it comes out brand spanking new!

Now the Cleanse Off Mitt isn't as soft and plush as my Human+Kind cloths, and its not as soft as the Nima Mitt. But it is cheaper & bigger than Nima's offering, make-up washes out of Cleanse Off Mitt much better than it does Human+Kind's and it a great first cleanse step.

The Cleanse Off Mitt officially launches this month (January 2014), but you can get yours from Beauty Emporium for €5 now!

Find Cleanse Off Mitt on twitter and facebook for more info

**PR Sample Gratefully received


  1. Replies
    1. It is pretty darn good, it removed waterproof eyeliner with no hassle tonight, and a full face of makeup too! No mad rubbing needed!

  2. I loved it too, agree about eye area or heavy makeup- needs a little longer! I love to double cleanse too!! x


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