Friday, 31 January 2014

Ali Mac Gift Sets: A Valentines Treat that will last. And last. And Last...

This very gorgeous gift set from Ali Mac Skincare Arrived on my door step (via courier.... its the only way they post stuff) before Christmas, but I hung on to it because it didn't make me think of Christmas. Instead this Lemon Grass and Ginger Body Care Gift package invoked the stirrings of spring inside my head. Fresh. Uplifting. Warming. Gorgeous. This would be perfect (Poifect I tells ya) for Valentines day.

 Containing three full sized products, this gift box retails at €45. Which is rather spendy. But if you price each product separately, you will shell out €66.40. So essentially you are getting one of the products free!!! And Ali Mac is a fantastic splurge product.  Wholesome, natural, ethically produced and free from synthetic and unethical ingredients, their ethos is one I can get behind.

Anyways... Lets have a closer look at the actual products.

Lemongrass & Ginger Sugar Body Scrub with healing Arnica and Olive oil  €22.95
"Designed to promote the skins natural cell renewal; improve circulation and exfoliate dead skin cells."

My most favourite product in my least favourite kind of packaging. It comes in a very lux GLASS jar. Sigh. I am always soooo very scared I drop the jar while in my shower and cut the heck out of my feet. But other than that, this is a sugar packed balmy scrub that smells fresh and zingy.

I run the shower and get my skin wet, then scrape out a palms worth of scrub and get to work. Then when I rinse it off the oils stick around and provide a great moisture hit. The Ginger oil gets the blood flowing, the lemongrass is uplifting and the arnica is just all round fab. I just wish it wasn't in a glass jar...

lemongrass & Ginger Invigorating Body wash with Aloe Vera €20.50
"Our delicious, hydrating &soap free body wash leaves you clean and ready to hit the day with an invigorating scent of lemongrass & ginger and skin healing benefits of aloe vera."

A Properly hydrating shower gel here folks. It doesn't make a mad amount of suds, but a little of this orangey gel goes a long way and really delivers a Ka-Pow smack of Freshness, especially great on a dreary winter morning or to wash off the sweat and freshen up after the gym, and no need to lash on cream after. The plastic bottle and flip top lid makes it no fuss and my perfect gym bag hero, you need so little and it truly smells like spring, even if it is a bit spendy...

Uplifting Organic Body oil with, Lemongrass & Ginger, jojoba & rosehip €22.95
"Skin nourishing organic oil for daily use, packed with natural botanicals and antioxidants." This is one I am struggling with... A gorgeously scented product that captivates and transports you to a warmer climate... I just wish it had a pump dispenser instead of just the screw top lid. I keep tipping out too much of the beautiful amber liquid. EVERYTIME!

 Even when I tell myself to be careful... I have to do the "ooh-sherbert-get-it-back-in-the-bottle-without-spilling-it-all-over-the-floor" Juggle. A pump would make it easier to use. All natural ingredients make this a great massage oil. You do need to be a bit more generous with this oil than you would think... it doesn't go as far as I would like. But for a targeted massage treatment this Uplifting Body Oil does the job. But its not my favourite favourite.

I have raved about Ali Mac before and I am most impressed to say that the jar of Chamomile Face Balm is still going strong. My husband uses it every night, and I love it on my lips and dry areas that need TLC, we have had the jar since May 2013 and it is half full. VALUE!!!

Ali Mac products are a little more expensive and a lot more Luxe than I am used to, but the products are well worth the money and are guaranteed to last way longer than you expect because you need so little for the product to be effective. I like this.

You can get Ali Mac Skincare Products from one of their consultants or from their website.

** Sample Gratefully Recieved


  1. That scrub sounds amazing despite the wicked packaging!

    1. I like it a lot... but since I published this post I found another scrub... that may be even better than this Ali Mac one! The shower gel is one of the only properly moisturising shower gels I have found though.

  2. These look really nice. I've tried some samples from this brand before and really like them.

    Bec Boop


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