Monday, 2 December 2013

I got Tagged!

The gorgeous Makeup For Dolls Tagged me. It was her first tag post... this is my 2nd one. I am not usually up for tag posts but this one is short and sweet and rather thought provoking for me.. So I decided to do it! No Pics in this one and its a nice short post :)

If you are not familiar with Tagged posts, you are sent predefined questions that you have to answer from another blogger who has also answered the self-same questions on his/her blog. Its a bit of fun and gives a lovely insight into other people, highlighting similarities and differences in a positive light. A little bit 'o networking is also great...

1.  When did you begin loving makeup?

ooooohhh start with the difficult one! I started loving nail varnish at age 6. I begged my mom to get me Barbie nail-paint for my birthday. I had to grow my nails to get it. I grew my nails, I got the nail paint and promptly chewed my nails down to stumps and painted my Barbie's face with the nail paint. My mom: not impressed.

I was 12 when  my Godfather bought me my first eye-shadow palette for my birthday, much to my mother's horror. She was imagining the carnage I would create on my bedroom walls... But this was so precious to me I hardly used it. I did however sport blue eye shadow up to my eyebrows in my teens... much to my fathers amusement.

2.  How do you feel without makeup?

I feel fine without it. I often do the school run sans slap, and I don't worry.  I want my daughter to see that make up is something special, something you need to enjoy doing. But that you also need to embrace what you are born with and accept it with grace as confidence is so important in life. I do let her play with my stuff and she has her own bits too, but its for weekends and special occasions (like dress up). We like the natural look in my house :)

3.  What do you like about makeup?

I like how make up can change a face so completely that it is hardly recognizable. But use the same products in a different way and you can enhance a feature that doesn't normally stand out or camoflage something that you don't want to stand out. I love the versatility of colour, whether it be brights or nudes, dark smokey moody colour or a sheer light wash of colour.

4.  Three Holy Grail Makeup Products:

hmmmm... All my bits are generally budget buys. I don't think the most expensive is necessarily the best... not in all products at least.
So a good mascara (NYC Big & Bold are my fave) , a my-lips-made-better lippy (Rimmel do a great formulation), and a good foundation (This is the product I would spend a bot of moolah on).

My Tags

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  1. Somehow only seeing this now - Thank you so much for tagging me Cindy! Am going to do it tomorrow when I'm a bit more bright eyes & bushy tailed :) xx


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