Monday, 16 December 2013

Back with a fizz and Bang and a Give-away! - now closed!

I'm back from SA with a bit of a tan and a major stress. I have nothing done for Christmas. NOTHING! I thought I would have loads of energy after being away and I would be able to get everything done and dusted before the "big day" and it would all be fine. Hind sight is 20/20.

And I am so jealous of two of my readers who will bag themselves one of these Christmas Survival Kits from Alka Seltzer:

According to a new survey by Alka Seltzer® almost half of Irish adults are stressed about Christmas. The run-up to Christmas Day can be a challenging time of year for even the most cheerful and level headed amongst us. 1 in 2 adults (49 per cent) is stressing about Christmas with the vast majority of these (76 per cent) being anxious about pressures on personal finances at Christmas.

It’s a wonder we still call it the season of goodwill with all that pressure to spend money, the never-ending to-do list and the inevitable family squabbles. So it’s no surprise that Christmas is also the peak season for tension headaches too. To help take the headache out of Christmas Alka Seltzer has created a special Christmas Survival Kit. This kit contains a few essentials to get you through the silly season in one piece!

* Turkey bag – 6.01pm on Christmas Eve, every shop in the country is closed and you suddenly realise you’ve forgotten the turkey bag, not to worry, we’ll make sure you’re not stuffed!

* Coffee sachet – Between heavy socialising, family reunions and seasonal sales, you may find your energy levels depleted. This coffee sachet will ensure you’ve got an instant caffeine fix..

* Sewing Kit – Have you over indulged on the fabulous festive food- you might be finding your party dress a little snug at the seams. This sewing kit will be your new best friend!

* Santa Stress Ball – Christmas crowds, extra traffic on the roads and family politics, the list of potential stressful situations is endless! Grab hold of Santa stress ball for some instant stress relief..

* Refreshing Sachet – Cooking, shopping, entertaining guests- just some of the occasions in which you’ll need quick refreshment. Having our handy wipe in your bag or glove department means you’ll never be stuck.

* Head massager – Whether you’re planning a hectic holiday or a relaxing, if somewhat reclusive break, a head massager will help you unwind in seconds, its spine ticklingly good.

All the items are presented in a gorgeous white Alka Seltzer drawstring bag, perfect for tucking into your handbag or glove compartment to ensure you’re covered along every step of the stressful Christmas season.

To be in with a chance... 
Follow the blog via Bloglovin or GFC (Links are on the right up there) and leave a comment telling me how you follow and how to contact you if you win (twitter or email). This is for Ireland only I'm afraid!
Competition closes on 18 December 2013 Wednesday evening at 8pm and I will notify winners at 8:30pm.
Give- away closed!

Good Luck. I'm rushing off to finish my prep!


  1. Can relate... Feel like I've nothing done!! I'm on twitter as shelleyti :)

  2. ah could definitely do with this, i am up to my tonsils and its not even christmas week yet haha. i am following on bloglovin and am @ainerose on twitter x


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