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REN Skincare: Rosa Centifolia Cleansing Gel

REN have launched a new line of cleansers: Rosa Centifolia. Based on a unique 100% natural Rose Extract Complex that "tones, softens and soothes" your skin while you cleanse. It sounds nice... and it is nice. Very nice.
Making the most of a bit of sunshine...

Generally, REN’s philosophy of Clean Skincare which launched in 2000 has become a cult favourite amongst beauty editors and consumers and is now available in department stores, pharmacies and spas in over 50 countries around the world. 

And REN is free from synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, petrolatum, sulfate detergents, synthetic colours, animal ingredients and parabens. In addition, REN products do not contain potential irritants including: PEG's, PPGs, urea, D.E.A, T.E.A, PABA and other synthetic sunscreens, phthalates, alkanolamines, synthetic AHAs/BHAs, nitrates, nitrosamine releasers, aluminum and alumina amongst others. No Nasties.

No Nasties

Right, so its a clean brand. And their 6 new cleansers are suitable for all skin types. 

I was offered the opportunity to try one of the cleansers and I chose the REN Rosa Centifolia Cleansing Gel. For your  €17 you get a 150ml Air-tight Pump ( I like a pump) of clear, rose scented gel. One pump is enough to do your whole face and neck and it is the gentlest cleanser I have used in a long time. Now REN cleansers have been a bit pricey in the past, but this new range reflects a great cost per use price and all of the cleansers in the Rosa Centifolia range are great value for money. Using one full pump twice daily should get you though at least 3 months meaning it costs just €5.67 per month. Not too bad.

It isn't the best thing to reach for when you are looking to take off a full face of heavy make-up. It will do the job, but you will have to double and possibly triple cleanse: too much effort.

 But REN Centifolia Cleansing Gel works a treat on an average days slap quite nicely, provided you wet your face with warm water and rub your hands around your face a bit to loosen things up before going in with the gel. Doing this allows the gel to penetrate right down to the skin and helps to lift the day's grime off your skin much quicker than just going straight in with the gel on a dry face. And my Combo (super dry to the point of flakey cheeks and chin, oily across the forehead and down the nose) likes this gel. It does.

I like a pump. On a bottle. Get your mind out of the gutter!

For more heavy make-up I would use a makeup remover (maybe the Rosa Centifolia Make-Up Remover €16 for 150ml) to take off the worst of it and then go in with this Gel Cleanser. As it is, the gel is slippy enough to spread nicely but grippy enough to really give a great facial massage, providing a good thorough cleanse. Gentle enough to use on sensitive skin without stinging, this would be perfect for winter months when the wind and cold take their toll. I am currently using a rather strong retinol lotion which can leave my skin flakey, peeling and very very sensitive, but this is so gentle and pure bliss to use.

The scent of the clear gel is the most divine thing in the mornings and evenings. Totally relaxing and smells like a spa treatment. I love it for this feeling alone. And it is a proper rose smell: you get the bitterness of crushed petals combined with a heady rose aroma. A proper pleasure to massage into your skin. And after you rinse this off your skin is soft and moisturised. No dryness or tightness at all. Love!


The only thing that takes a bit of getting used to is the consistency of this gel. It is a bit like runny egg white. hmmm. It has the tendency to slip right through your fingers, so don't dither after you dispense some. Rub it to distribute between your fingers and get it onto your mush: STAT! Otherwise its splat! onto the floor or down the plug-hole. So the only thing I would change is to make it a tiny bit thicker.

I will not tell you what my son says it looks like. He likes the smell though...

Oh and I would take the bubbles out of the formula. Bubbles do nothing except take up space in the bottle...

All those bubbles take up space... no bubbles could mean less packaging

While I would probably repurchase this REN Rosa Centifolia  Cleansing Gel when it runs out, I recon I will probably try one of the other cleansers in the range instead. I don't think I will be disappointed.

You can find the new cleansers on the REN website or keep a look out on your favourite online stores which should be stocking the new range soon.

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  1. That looks really nice - I love the packaging - so hygienic and you can see exactly how much you've used which is handy - so running short suddenly without warning. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Belle Morte Beauty


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