Friday, 29 November 2013

Nuxe Rêve de Meil

I wanted to love this cleanser by Nuxe. I wanted to love it so much and call it my holy grail. But I was let down. I was so disappointed I almost didn't even bother to blog about Nuxe Rêve de Meil. But it has to be done. It needs to be added to (cue the music... Dun dun duuuuuuhhhhhhhn....) The List.

Rêve de Meil is Honey and Sunflower Seed Oil based. And Ideally this would be perfect for removing slap from sensitive and dry skins. Honey is healing and soothing and anti-microbial. Sunflower oil is softening and calming and moisturising. Two lovely ingredients. Sigh.

I wanted this to be both oily and have a runny honey-consistency. I wanted to be able to slather this onto my face at the end of the day and have it dissolve my makeup while still keeping my skin moisturised and comfortable. I paid £12 for a 200ml Pump Bottle (which converts to €15) from Feel Unique and I wanted to love this. I wanted too much it seems. You see, a few months ago I went through a stage where the skin around my chin and mouth was really dry, flakey and pretty sensitive. Even balms, creams and cleansers I had previously used with no problems now stung the bejeebus out of my chin and I was hoping that this cleanser would be my hero.

But it wasn't.

First: I wasn't won over by the smell. Off Fake Honey is how I would describe it. But I can get over the smell. The smell isn't why I bought Rêve de Meil. But it dropped a point.

Next the consistency... just a watery gel, that didn't spread nicely and I needed 3 - 4 full pumps the first time I used it to get it to the point where I could massage my face. The next time I applied it to a wet face and still needed 2 and a bit pumps to get a massage going. It seems like the honey was doing its sticky work

Where is the oil? When you rub this gel between your fingers there is no slip. It feels like a water based gel. Not a jot of oil in sight. The oil is wheat dissolves water-proof mascara. The Oil is the stuff that helps to remove make-up while keeping the skin calm and un-irritated. But my dear friends... I feel no oil in this.

Use this on a full face of slap (even the non-water-proof kind) at your peril. because all it did was move my foundation around and my eye-shadow ended up in my eyebrows. My mascara was still on my lashes, despite using a warm damp face cloth to remove it.  Haai. Verry Disappoint. I had to raid my sample sachets stash to find a cleanser to do the job.

And then. And then and then and then...And then there was the STINGING. Holy guacamole. The stinging. I never expected a product made and labeled suitable for dry and sensitive skin to sting. But this did. My skin was red and felt raw-er than my brother likes his steaks. And he likes his steak to moo when you poke it with a fork.

The only good this about this cleanser is that it comes with a pump.

I wanted to love this cleanser from Nuxe. I wanted to cuddle it on a cold night and sip hot chocolate with it while sitting wrapped in my duvet in front of a fire.

Instead it sits cold and unloved on the top of the toilet. Looking at me. Trying to guilt me into using it and I just can't. To recap: It doesn't really cleanse, it doesn't emulsify, it doesn't turn milky, it doesn't bubble (I didn't expect it too but anyways). It is now the most expensive hand soap in my house. And I don't even like it for that.

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