Monday, 25 November 2013

Friday Funny: On a Monday

I love my dad. He sends me a lot of random stuff that he thinks is funny. Just as well we have a similar sense of humor...

We particularly like "Paddy" Jokes. He thinks its hysterical that I am living in Ireland: the home of Murphy's Law. Particularly since Murphy's Law pretty much ruled our house when I was still living there.

Anyways...this is one of his latest mails to me. It is exactly up my street. I'm glad he knows me so well. Happy Monday Readers... from my Daddy:

One should not take the English language for granted.

 Paddy took 2 stuffed dogs to Antiques Road Show

“Ooh”, said the presenter. “This is a very rare set produced by the celebrated Johns Brothers taxidermists who operated in London at the turn of last century. Do you have any idea what they would fetch if they were in good condition?”

“Sticks” said Paddy

ps: I'm currently sunning myself in Summery Johannesburg, next to my folks' heated pool watching the kids. I may or may not have a beer in my hand. I'm on holidays... it is allowed. My Dad says "Hi"


  1. Ashamed of myself for laughing at that one haha. Hi Cindy's dad! *waves* :)


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