Monday, 4 November 2013

A Lush Christmas

I love a bit of Lush in the house. Especially their Bath Bombs, I think they are lovely. My cupboard/press smells lovely before using them, my bathroom smells lovely while using them, the house smells amazing after using them. I smell great after using them. And it is one of the few fragranced products that I can actually use on Hannah.

Lush Bath Bombs are a treat in our house. Something to be savoured and enjoyed. So we break our bathbombs in half, and then in half again (so into quarters) carefully so that we get two baths out of a bathbomb. Each child gets a quarter of the bathbomb because they LOVE playing with them. The fizzing, colourful water & clouds of scented steam are just the thing to calm busy little minds and prep them for a good nights sleep.

Our Lovely Lush Picks for Christmas

And Lush do Christmas. They do Christmas so, so well. Especially their Bath Bombs.

First up is this gorgeous little SnowMan (RRP £2.50/€3.25) is a little dote! Scented with vanilla and loaded with cocoa-butter and is basically the same as their Butterball Bath Bomb, which we already love. The little red scarf turns bath water a rosy-pink colour and it a joy to soak in. The cocoa-butter is a fantastic start to getting skin moisturised. And the house smells lovely. The other half is currently between my jumpers...

Snowman is so cute!

Bombardino (RRP £2.50/€3.25) is a very interesting fella. Proper chocolate drops for his eyes and scented with citrus and bergamot and packed with gold lustre dust! Cocoa butter & soy milk powder provide the skin lovin' in this and the bathwater is wonderfully gold and sparkly... unfortunately the bath is gold after the water is let out too. Thankfully it rinses out easily.

Bombardino has 2 real chocolate drops as his eyes... and his head is GOLD!

Twilight (RRP £3.25/€3.95 ) is new to me, but it is available all year round. Lavender is the main scent in this and its meant to emulate a sunset as it dissolves in the water. Its is Massive. And this is one I can get a good 4 baths out of. I didn't get the full sunset experience with only using a quarter of Twilight, but the smell of Lavender and the softness of the water totally melted away the worry of the day and made me forget about the kids for a bit... boy...I am glad they are back at school this morning.

Twilight is perfect for relaxing to the max-ing(?!?)

Butterball Bath Bomb (£2.50/€3.75) is a firm favourite, and also available all through the year. Loads and loads of cocoa butter that you can actually see, both before it hits the water and after its has fizzed up. And because of the loads of cocoa butter this is such a moisturising little ball. even if you only use half, the rich cocoa butter envelopes your skin and locking in moisture.

Butterball: this wee specks are cocoa butter. 

Vanilla and musk fill the passage and make their way through the house relaxing tensions and bringing calm. Be careful getting out of the bath after using this because you will be slippy, the bath will be slippy. And your towel will smell absolutely divine for the rest of the week.

How very Lush

I know that people don't like the sales staff, but as long as you are polite and let them know that you are just in for a browse I have found they have left me alone to browse. Yes, Lush Bath Bombs are a bit pricey, but they are a treat. A TREAT! Something that you indulge in every now and again, maybe when you need a pick-me-up or when the kids have been somewhat less stroppy than normal. And as I said, we never use the whole bomb in one bath... we eke it out and get at least 2 baths (or two hours of peace) out of a single bomb. As as a treat this works out pretty well for us.

This isn't the complete Christmas collection, there are some other really lovely bits that I am dying to try... but they will have to wait until I next feel the need to treat us. Check out the rest of the Lush Loveliness at anyone of their stores or online.


  1. I was in lush yesterday! Love all the Christmas goodies! :D

  2. love lush in our house especially the Christmas box sets:)

  3. Oh they all look so well, for wont of a better word, LUSH! :D

    Belle Morte Beauty


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