Friday, 6 September 2013

Lip Service: La Roche Posay Cicaplast Lips


Yep. I said it. The Best Ever. LRP have already won a few awards for their Cicaplast Baume B5 that you can use on anything. And now La Roche Posay have added Cicaplast Lips to the range and its bloody awesome.

And I say this after 3 days. I cannot believe how my lips have changed for the better after using Cicaplast Lips.

You see: I thought my lips were in pretty good nick. I exfoliate gently every night using my micro-fibre cloth, I moisturise them everything with my trusty Ali Mac Chamomile face balm, I do get a few flakey bits, but I just put it down to not drinking enough water (which is a factor), but they are generally soft and in pretty good nick.

Well you know what thought did?? Yeah...

Cicaplast lips and its Shea Butter and its Panthenol have improved my lips. Now they are baby-bum-soft and smooth and completely flake free. I would declare it a miracle balm if it would just increase the plumpness of my top lip (like a non-injectable filler). Its not done that yet, and I don't expect it to.

The only thing that I don't like is the applicator. Its ordinary. And it doesn't really allow you to spread the balm evenly on to the lips. I prefer to put a little on my finger, let the heat melt it a little, then dab it all over my lips and smoosh them together to really get it into the nooks. It smells like nothing, so it is completely inoffensive to the Schnozz. It has a very faint almost sweet taste, its is pleasant. and it feels heavenly on my lips. Even after eating and drinking breakfast and 2 cups of coffee, I can still feel its protective barrier.

This is going the be a winner in the winter months for raw noses and chilblain-ed fingers too. The 7.5ml squishy tube is going to cost around €6.50, which is pretty spendy for a lip balm. But it isn't Just a lip balm. Its a Freeking Awesome Lip Balm. And this is one little tube that I will not be without.

**PR Sample Gratefully Received 

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  1. I LOVE their Cicaplast, I may have to pick this up even though my holy grail is a Vichy Aqualia one - I don't like squeezy tubes but if it's as good as the Baume then I'll definitely pick it up!


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