Wednesday, 14 August 2013

It's Ali... not Jayney...

Now I don't know how many will get that title, but I am talking about a Mac. Ali Mac to be precise, not Jayney Mac... that popular Irishism.

So Ali Mac is a brand that is natural, cruelty free, and is stepping into a void that Avon left rather suddenly in Ireland. Concentrating on mainly skincare, Alison Macintosh, the owner of Ali Mac has hit upon a lovely little range of products, Available on the website, or via a consultant.

I was very kindly sent the Ali Mac Chamomile Face Balm to try. At €38 for a 50g pot, its not exactly cheap, so lets see if it is worth almost 40squids...

The Chamomile Face Balm is 91.5% organic, suitable for all skin types (I tested this claim) and is a solid balm that melts into a luxurious serum as soon as it makes contact with body heat. Packed with Argan & Rosehip oils & Shea butter, this is designed to hydrate, repair, renew and heal the skin.

It smells faintly herbal, which I recon is the chamomile (known for healing calming properties), but its not overwhelming and the smell disappears once you have massaged this in. Also I should note, neither Hannah nor Dave complained about the smell...

It works a charm on Hannah's eczema prone skin... especially the skin on her face (her eyelids... my poor child has bloody eczema on her eyelids) and we were able to warm a little teeny bit of the balm between my finger tips and apply it to her flaky, irritated skin with no burning or stinging, and it immediately calmed the redness and itchiness and the next morning the flakes were gone too. It seems to be occurring less too. She calls it her magic oil. She likes it.

It really is lovely. So lovely I have to share it with himself now too.

He asks me for it every night, because it lives on my bedside table, and he likes to use it after he has shaved, before he puts his Cream on. I must say his skin after shaving benefits the most after using this. He shaves every night during the week after he has his shower (so the beard is soft and easier to cut) and he doesn't always put his face cream all the way down his neck... he tells me his face stops at his chin. But I have been encouraging him to put a teeny finger-tip-full of this all over the area he has just shaved and he has given it a chance. No more red flaky turkey neck for him and he is getting less ingrown hairs and irritation. He likes it.

I am using this every night as a 2nd serum, after my Vichy Idealia Serum I swirl my clean (I make sure everybody has clean hands before dipping into this) finger over the top of the balm and this picks up enough of the balm that melts into a super silky oil that I massage into my face and all down my neck. It sinks in really quickly, provided you don't put too much on, and I pop my night cream over the top, play a few soul destroying rounds of Candy Crush (I am stuck on level 65) and then sleep. When I wake up my skin is soft and plump. Even if that is all it does I would be happy, but I am hoping that it is helping the Vichy Serum to work even better. I like it.

Now... 2 of us have been using this, daily, for the last 3 months and we have barely made a dent in the pot. Seriously? A Pot of Ali Mac Chamomile Face Balm is going to last you at least a year, and you will need to use it on your face and any "boo-boos" that may come up.

Hmmm... I recon this is worth 38 of your euro bucks. Even if you just use it on your dry patches or on roasties (from wrestling on the carpet or BJJ) or if you have a husband who cycles and gets a bit of the auld saddle rash... this is worth it. I like this. And I can't wait to check out more of their bits.

ps:  Sharon over on has reviewed some of their other products if you are interested :

 **PR Sample Gratefully Received 


  1. thank you 'Girlwiththeskew-earring' a mighty testimony for a mighty fine little pot of loving natural organic skincare.....from

    1. You are most welcome! Thank you for creating such a lovely product to use!

  2. Love seeing that bunny on products:)

    1. Me too! Its great that new companies are taking the bunny and its values on board!


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