Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Flower Power, Oolong Style

Tucked away in a very quiet side street behind Stephen's Green Shopping Center is a lovely little place that is a haven for tired shoppers looking for a place to rest their bones and sup their tipple of choice... and boy is there a choice!

When you walk in to Oolong Flower Power the sweet herbal aromas of the teas are instantly welcoming, just like the staff. And its not just tea that they offer... they offer the most divine coffee and various tea and coffee paraphernalia.

Sit in or Take-away. But I recommend you sit in... because the pure glass chandeliers from the auction houses in France are mesmerizing, encouraging you to take time out and just sit. The bespoke leather chairs are so comfortable, staying for another cup... and another... and another is very easy.

Once you have chosen your poison from over 300 varieties of tea and 40 kinds of coffees (I highly recommend the Belgian Praline Coffee) you can either sit upstairs in the super comfy leather chairs and watch the world go by or you can retire to the cosy downstairs area.

From lactation tea, to flowering tea bombs that each have their own design, herbal teas to a fantastic array of rooibos teas, you will really have a hard time deciding on just one. The solution is easy: stay for a few.

Toffee Rooibos. Awesome.

I think what I really love about Oolong is the fact that you are encouraged to take your time. To take your time choosing a tea, if you decide to drink it on the premises you are encouraged to relax, you are encouraged to sit and enjoy the moment. To take time out and relax, breathe, and if you want... choose another tea. You can even chose your favourite tea leaves or coffee beans to brew at home.

Some of the flavoured coffees, and my seat for the night

The prices are a little dearer than the average place, not by that much, and I think that considering a single serving of tea (for one) gets you almost 3 cups of piping hot tea out of your "tea for one" pot, its worth the €3.95. They take such care with with their craft and such care with their customers, I would rather pay the extra euro to these folks than the other coffee houses because of the way that I was greeted, seated & treated.

Some of the Rooibos... rooibos is naturally caffeine free

I know that you can book in for a tea party and that very soon Oolong Flower Power will be offering morning tasting sessions, which I cannot wait for.

Phoenix eyes: for Harry Potter tea

If you are ever in the Grafton street area, I urge you to call in to this unassuming looking little shop on Stephen Street lower, and step into a fantastical world of outstanding service and  nearly unlimited choice. They are open from 11am until 11pm every day, and they offer FREE WIFI.

Although I think its nice to just sit and enjoy the tea and live in the moment. Sure, emails can wait for 20 minutes.

Find Oolong Flower power on twitterfacebook, their webpage and at No 4 Stephens Street Lower Dublin 2.

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  1. This looks like my idea of heaven! I'm putting it on my list for the next time I visit Dublin.


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