Friday, 9 August 2013

Another Surya Brasil Review: The Henna Colour Cream

They have only gone and done it again... I have fallen a little bit in love with this all natural Brazilian brand. Surya Brasil Henna Colour Cream is the shiz.

Bill Galligan recommended Light Brown to help tone down and cover over the greys. So off I went on my merry way...

I was just expecting to put a colour into my hair, to blend in my 12 grey hairs. Well. I got that. And I got the most awesome hair treatment too. A box costs €13.80 and contains instructions, a pair of bio-degradable gloves, a bio-degradable plastic cap and a 70ml bottle of ready mixed cream colour. And if you don't use all the colour... you can put the little cap on the bottle and keep it to touch up your roots at a later stage!!!! 

After washing my hair and leaving off the conditioner, My mom helped me put the colour through my hair ie: I sat on my bum and my mom did all the hard work. She only used half the bottle of cream (we weighed it before and after) and she did a real good job. Not a drop messed, I had no skin clean up to do, and every strand got coloured. And neither of us complained about the smell... because this smells like flowers. Literally. It is scented to softly you really have to smell it to get a wiff of anything. 

Settling down for the the obligatory hour as stated on the instructions, I made sure to keep a towel on my head to keep the heat in to ensure a good colour. As I said I wasn't expecting much, I had already used the Surya Brasil Henna Treatment, and my hair already felt pretty good, I was just hoping to cover the greys. I got a whole lot more than that.

Before the treatment & the colour... look at the state of my ends!

My mom tried to tell me that I had orange hair.... But I knew better... I had seen the colour of the dye and it something went wrong it was more than likely purple...

When the hour was up, I hopped into the shower and stuck my head under the shower head. I was shocked at how incredibly soft my hair was. I mean it was baby soft. The colour residue rinsed out quickly and didn't stain the shower tray or the grout. I didn't even need to put on conditioner! I am dead serious!!! When last have you had that? never....

I towel dried my hair to about 80% dry and went to bed, marveling how soft my hair was, I didn't even run a comb or anything through my hair and my fingers just slid through. My mom also couldn't believe the condition of my locks. I caught her eyeing up the rest of the bottle....

Upon waking the next morning... my hair was sleek and bouncy and healthy and wonderful and I was a happy camper. I had no greys, my hair was in flipping fantastic condition and I couldn't be happier. I didn't have to straighten my hair, I didn't even put the hair drier on it, I just ran my fingers though my damp hair and left it. 

The morning after... sleek, frizz free hair, and not a straightener in sight!

How much do I like Surya Brasil? I like it a lot. There are no nasties, no parabens, no ammonia. Its all natural. Its all awesome is what it is. You can get yours at as they are the only stockists of the Surya Brasil Henna range. 

Look at my beautiful ends... and they looked atrocious before!

I urge you to check Surya Brasil out, read the instructions, do the strand test and try it out. I know that you can also mix and blend colours, but I am pretty bladdy happy with the tones that I got from my box of Light Brown.

**PR Sample gratefully received 


  1. Very nice! I used the powder and it was just a little messy but results were good!

    1. I think if I had done this on my own I would have made more of a mess, but my Mom helped me and she is super tidy!

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous, in such great condition. I love that you don't have to throw this away if you don't use it all, I waste so much colour just doing my roots! Great idea.

    1. It only looks so good because of the treatment & the colour, I desperately need a good trim, but the colour treatment seriously made my hair soooo soft! And you can use it when you are pregnant too!!!

  3. I love it! I loved it when I tried it out but I'm terrible and wash my hair everyday so it didn't last too long. xxx


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