Friday, 5 July 2013

Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day is just a Bad Hair Day for me

Soap & Glory are well known for their quirky packaging and fun labels, and I Really Like one of their cleansers (review to come), but as much as I wanted, like really wanted to love their Glad Hair Day range... I couldn't.

The Glad Hair Day Daily Super Shampoo smells lovely and really cleans hair well, there is no need to shampoo twice as this is a fantastic  product stripping shampoo. The problem with it stripping product so well from hair is that I felt the immediate need for conditioning my straw-like hair.
It lathers well, but I found I had to use almost double the amount I would normally use on my medium to long hair. The smell is a lovely fresh, sweet raspberry-ish smell, but it doesn't last. I paid €7.59 for the massive 200ml tube in Boots a few months ago. Oily Haired Peeps may get on better with this than I did...

Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day Intense Conditioner was a total fail. It spreads better than the shampoo does, and also smells gorgeous, but I struggled to get it rinsed out of my hair, and even when I had thought I got it all out, when I dried my hair it felt like I had a load of product still in my hair.

I wash my hair about twice, maybe three times a week, and I do not suffer from greasy hair or roots, in fact I would go so far as to say I lean more towards the Dry side of the scale. But the conditioner made my hair lank and greasy looking within a few hours of drying my hair.

As you can see... I really tried hard to like this duo, I used just under half of each tube. But as much as I wanted it to, it didn't work for me.

Unfortunately its a big fat thumbs down from me...

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