Friday, 12 July 2013

Skirmish of the Scrubs: Bia Beauty, The Body Shop, Soap&Glory, Voya & Ziaja

So there have been many battles on other Beauty Blogs: Battle of the Body Lotions, Battle of the Balms etc. But I have never seen a skirmish, not until now that is. I discovered, by rather happy chance, that i had a good few scrubs lurking in various places... and its Summer, and we all know how good a scrub feels, and how good it is to prep before a tan... and so the skirmish was born.

I called on the help of a few toy box heroes to help me categorise my scrubs, and I recon they suit their personas quite well:

First up:

Ziaja Cocoa Butter Shower Scrub **

Most like: WWE Wrestler Rey Mysterio ( Its cheap and gives a great show!)
Price: €7.99
Size: 200mls
Best for: budgets
Find it here:
Repurchase: Yes

This scrub is very liquidy when you open it and it looks like all the scrubby bits have been dissolved... but fear not, they are there, you just need to stir this up a bit, which is a bit irritating. And it comes in a tub, which can make is messy. It smells heavenly if you are into chocolate, and it works surprisingly well. What is even more surprising is that this is INCREDIBLY moisturising. I used this in the shower a few times before going to bed, and I woke up the next morning and my skin felt soft and lovely and it still smelled faintly of chocolate.


Voya Time To Shine Body Buff

Most like: Lord of the Rings Character Elrond, Lord of the Elves (it is out of my league)
Price: €29.99
Size: 200mls
Best for: A gift for a posh friend
Find it here:
Repurchase: No

This is a bit of a pretentious one. Its elegant packaging and high price be-lie its gritty interior. A fantastic little scrubby scrub with fantastic scrubablility. It contains a host of skin loving ingredients, and it rinses off easily, but it seems that once you rinse it off none of the moisturising stuff sticks around. The lovely citrus scent fades so very quickly, and its a pity, cos it does smell lovely, even if it does contain stinky seaweed. I received this in a goody bag at the Christmas Blogger Meet Up.

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub is next...

Most like: Spiderman (its a great all-rounder, but you can take him or leave him)
Price: €11.25
Size: 300mls
Best for: A little treat for yourself
Find it here:
Repurchase: Possibly, but there are other I want to try

Good old Soap & Glory, smells awesome, also a vaguely citrus scent, it leaves the bathroom smelling divine after I use it. It is a good scrub, it removes dead skin like it should and leaves a light moisturising film on the skin that is fully absorbed within a few minutes and skin is left feeling comfortable. I got this for Christmas in the Train Case that Soap & Glory did, and while I like it... it is just an average scrub. It is also the most difficult to rinse off, I kept finding patches of scrub in akward places...

Bia Beauty Detox Body Scrub**

Most like: Moshi Monster General Fuzuki (small & mighty)
Price: €19.95
Size: 250mls
Best for: Natural nuts & Self tanners
Find it here:
Repurchase: Yes

The 2nd best scrub in my arsenal, it is All Natural, All Irish, All round wonderful. A good scrub, removing old skin/tan in a gentle jiffy, and leaves a great moisturised feeling after rinsing. Its not just a feeling though, this is a genuine moisturiser. My skin feels lovely and smooth after I use this and the essential oils in it relax me and leave me feeling blissed out. What I especially like about this is that you need so little, so it will last you a while (I previously reviewed this here).

I saved the best for last: The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Cream Body Scrub**

Most like: IronMan (Dashing, full of surprises, Swoon-worthy)
Price: €18.95
Size: 200mls
Best for: Everything
Find it here: This is a limited edition, so find it in your nearest The Body Shop store
Repurchase: Yes

First... This Smells AWESOME!!!!!! Its smells just like peaches. And just because it smells nice doesn't mean it doesn't work. This works, but then all Body Shop Scrubs do. Old tan melts off when you massage this into damp skin and its creamy scrubby goodness leaves skin smooth and silky and peachy soft. The soft peach scent lingers and is intensified (along with the moisturising benefits) when you layer on the matching body butter. Vintage Peach is so pretty to look at and even prettier to use, This is Tony Stark in a tub. I am in love.

Did I miss a scrub? Are any of these your faves? did you find something new? Lemme know:

** PR Samples Gratefully Received


  1. Loved the inclusion of the toy box heroes! Fab round up of scrubs - I love the Vineyard Peach one too xo

  2. This post was brilliant! I'm in love with Spiderman's scrub, that Soap & Glory one is something I'd gladly bathe in, even though it is in an awkward tub - it's the only S&G product I'll repurchase before the big set comes round again at Christmas.


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