Monday, 1 July 2013

On The Band Wagon: Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman

I have not been overly pushed to spend money on Make-up brushes, I have purchased a few from ELF, but mostly I just make do with some of the better brushes that come in sets (I give the others to my daughter to play with, they are great for painting). But when this Real Techniques Expert Face Brush By Samantha Chapman, of Pixiwoo youtube fame landed in my post box... I realised I have been missing out. Big Time.

Cloud10 Beauty has this brush retailing for €11.99, which is pretty affordable, and I recon when you see what it does for your foundation, you will agree.

The Brush itself is sturdy, without being heavy and its curvy handle fits beautifully into my hand. This is no cheap-ass paint brush. The Expert Face Brush is a well made make up tool. The aluminium ferrule is light and colour coded to correspond to key steps of application ie:  flawless baseenhanced eyes,and  perfect finishThe Flat bottom means that it can stand on its own.... no more rolling brushes!

The bristles are soft and smooth and since taklon is synthetic, it's 100% cruelty-free. The soft fibers help create a flawless, high-definition finish in any type of light – from sunlight to harsh indoor lighting.

I have used this with my foundation and with my BB cream and with both its fab. It blends and works the foundation into the skin (without shedding hairs) and I find I am using a bit less product than when I use my ELF brush. So its saving me money.

I have added a few of the other RT (cool people speak for Real Techniques) to my Cloud10 Beauty wishlist, and I will be on the look out for specials so that I can add to my collection.

Yes... I am on this bandwagon.

** PR Sample Gratefully Received


  1. This brush is on my list as is the eyeshadow brush collection!! The value for money is fantastic :)

  2. I have this brush and I really like it for highlighters or cream blushes, it's really good! I love the eye starter set too x


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