Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Catrice Candy Shock: its talon-tastic...

Ah good old Catrice, they are always coming out with gorgeous, budget friendly Limited edition collections that are great quality. I was very restrained and picked up just 2 of the nail varnishes in the Candy Shock collection that is on shelves at the moment.

These cost the usual €2.79 for 10mls of product, and while the bottles say these only require 2 coats, I would go with three skinny coats for the full opaque pastel effect with no smudges or dents (2 thick coats take painfully long to dry). And just for the record 2 coats looks like this:

But take the extra time... and Vanilla Love looks like this:

A beautiful pastel yellow that just feels like summer on the ends of your fingers. It lasted a good 5 days before I noticed tip wear and I developed a small chip when working in the garden. Not bad for 3 coats of varnish with not base or top coat.

I scream : Ice Cream is a lovely pastel lavender. There is a bit of pinky microshimmer in the bottle, but this doesn't show on the nail, which is a pity cos its really pretty.

I got a good week's worth of wear from I scream : Ice Cream, I did have to touch up my index finger due to a bit of tip wear, but other than that I got 7 days out of my 3 coats. Which is fab. And I have to say I really love this colour on my fingers. I felt like a real lady wearing it...

 Catrice is available in selected Pharmacies, Dunnes & Penneys stores...


  1. That lavender is gorgeous pity the micro glitter doesn't show up!

  2. They look really nice on, I didn't pick any of them up this time x


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