Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Work Apropos Coco with Catrice

While a few new budget brands have been creeping into my beauty stash, I still have loads of love for Catrice. Nail Polishes cost €2.99 for a 10ml bottle (they have gone up :(  ) and formulation is fantastic.

I picked up one of their Ultimate Nudes Collection the other day in passing and I am in two minds about it. I realise it is a Nude and that it should be subtle and work appropriate,  and this one ticks both of those boxes. But I was hoping that the colour would be a bit.... (I am struggling for the right word here now).... more..

This is Catrice Ultimate Nudes 04 Apropos Coco:

One coat

It is the sheerest of sheer, palest of pale creamy pink. One coat is mostly invisible, giving nails a healthy glow and lovely shine. Two coats gives more shine. Skinny coats dry in about 45 - 60 seconds which is awesome. But not enough colour (so it would be PERFECT for the workplace that scorns colour on nails)

2 Coats

I was hoping that it would be a bit more opaque... like a soft creme... And I almost gave up. But I am Afrikaans and stubborn as all heck and carried on layering on the layers. After 4 skinny coats I started seeing the colour I was looking for.

4 Coats

5 coats was Perfect. The Palest of Pale pink. 

excuse the nick on my index finger... my son needed me to open something

Creamy, soft, almost fluffy, and making my man hands look most lady like. 

5 Coats

I like the colour... but having to put 5 coats on to get it seems too much like hard work. But if you like to wear polish and need to go for the nude look... this is great. 

Maybe its a good wedding colour...

 The hunt continues for an off-white-White polish...


  1. The final result is lovely, but man, five coats...!

    1. THanks Emma! Yep I went all the way to 5 coats and there is still a VNL (visible nail line)

  2. 5 coats! Jeebus. It looks like it would work really well for a jelly sandwich mani though, I bet it would be great layered over a really thick pastel glitter x

  3. Very buce shade! But four coats - not good for me :D I prefer just one coat..


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