Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Bargain Alert: Nivea for Men Energy

I picked up this double pack of Nivea for Men Energy Shower Gel for face, body & hair (from my local Bradleys Pharmacy) for himself as something extra to wrap for Fathers day. I took the outside packaging off before hand though...

As you can see, the double pack cost €3.29, for a total of 500mls of product. Bargain.

He likes multi-use products in the shower, although he likes a proper cleanser for his face, but being able to squish out a blob of gel and massage it into his hair and then spread the suds over the rest of his body is handy for him.
*grunts* Look how manly it looks in my hands...

Its it conditioning enough for his short hair and the scent hangs around to compliment his aftershave. It is a good fresh scent, but some may find it a bit over-powering. So watch for that. It is supposed to be minty, but I didn't get any mint from it...

All in all he likes this well enough and will use it until it is finished, but he wasn't blown away by it or even particularly impressed. He said: "eh yeah.... its ok I suppose".
If your other half isn't fussy about body wash or shampoo, you can't really go wrong with this.


  1. My fella is on medicated shampoo now after using bloody cheap shower gel on his hair again for months. Never learns! Must get a pack of this, really good value for a double pack and it might stop him taking my nice ones.

  2. I use this, yeah it leaves a very nice fragrance; nice blog, I wanted a nice link to post on my facebook page; guys should know 'bout this.


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