Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Super Moisture Boost with La Roche Posay Hydraphase

Hydraphase Intense Legere by La Roche Posay is not new to the market, and its not exactly new to me either. I have had this bottle of moisturising lotion since November 2012 and while I don't use it everyday, I do use it at least 2 - 3 times a week to give my skin a bit of extra moisture.

Hydraphase Intense Legere is a very light lotion that is quite watery, spreads easily, is absorbed extremely quickly (work fast with this one) and smells refreshing and clean.

But the best thing is that delivers exactly what it says on the bottle. And intense moisture boost that doesn't leave a heavy film on your skin. And you only need 2 pumps to do your whole face and all the way down to my "decollete"...

I love everything about this: I love how quickly my skin drinks it up, how my skin feels super velvety after using it, how comfortable my skin feels on days that I have used it. My skin didn't react to it at all and I had no break-outs from this. I love everything... except the bottle. I don't like that the pump nozzle is on the bottom. I don't like that when you use it, you have to put the lid on before you stand it up. So I have to keep track of the lid. I never keep track of the lids...

My 50 mls tube retails for €22. Which is totally reasonable for something that I use like a serum. I like to use this under my day cream, on days when I know that I need an extra shot of hydration. Considering that my €22 has stretched almost 6 months and is still contains a third of product... I recon its pretty budget friendly.

I would like to try the actual Hydraphase Serum, its gotten great reviews and I deffo need to step my  hydration levels for the summer. Thankfully, LRP fits nicely into my budget...


  1. This sounds gorgeous there isn't one thing from them I haven't liked yet!

  2. This sounds lovely. *adds to my ever-growing La Roche-Posay wishlist*

  3. I'm going to add this to my want list too, I get awful dry patches on my face and I never consider La Roche Posay at all, no idea why. I think it's because all the products look the same, I never know what's good and what's for what! Thanks for this review Cindy & thanks for including the price too, it's actually not bad for a product that lasts months x


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