Thursday, 23 May 2013

Green People Invasion: Vitamin Face Mask

I haven't used a face mask in a while. I have had this one by Green People on my wishlist for a while now... and after a very long, difficult month, I treated myself. I loved      The Cream (reviewed here) and I and loving the Vitamin Mask just as much!

Green People Vitamin Mask is different to     The Cream.... ( I like to Pause before mentioning          The Cream because it is that awesome) in that it is fragranced. But this mask is just as great for dry skins. Green People Vitamin Mask is worth Every Single Penny of the €14.95 that I paid for it (from awesome natural website )

The little bottle is plastic and fully recyclable. Two full pumps dispenses more than enough of this thick silky cream to do my face and most of the way down my neck. The Sunflower oil, Shea Butter, Olive oil, and all the other skin nourishing ingredients are so, so good and hydrating and loving the skin.

This is what 2 pumps looks like:

After about 10 minutes the mask sinks right into my skin.. and the last 2 times I used it I ended up forgetting about it and only remembering when getting into bed that I still had the mask on my face it, it is that comfortable. I use a warm facecloth/microfibre cloth to remove any remaining mask and finish with a few drops of facial oil. Just to finish off the ritual. But I don't think my skin would worry if I didn't.

My skin looks and feels hydrated. I feel like my skin looks glowy and healthy and plump and all those good things. And after using it weekly for a month now, I have had no breakouts or irritation from this beauty. And then there is this:

Green People's Pedigree. All those little badges and labels are well earned and make for a responsibly sourced product. I like that. I recon you would to.


  1. Wh hello? I demand a facemask on your face picture :-D xx

    1. I tried!!!! But you can't see it and I just look like a grease-monkey ;)


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