Monday, 27 May 2013

Awesome Angel Wings from China Glaze

Soooo.... Beauty Emporium is having a bit of a clearance sale and this beauty fell into my basket. It's not my first China Glaze polish, but Angel Wings (I paid around €6 for it) is the first to feature on my blog.

And it is beautiful. Extremely unusual, but beautiful none the less.

You see... Angel wings is gritty. Yep. Not only is it glittery, it is also gritty. And that takes some getting used to. Well actually it only took me around an hour to get used to it.

And I discovered that the more coats you put on the smoother it gets.

I also discovered that you need to used 2 top coats to get it smooth.

And then I thought to myself: "What would really showcase the glittery sparkly-ness of of Angel Wings?" I sorted through my stash and NYC City Blackout was just PERFECT!

"How perfect?" you ask... well feast your eyes peeps:

And that is just one single coat of Angel Wings over 2 coats of NYC City Blackout. Look at the sparkles and the Shine! The best thing... China Glaze helped the NYC to last 8 days without a single chip or sign of tip-wear in sight!

I haven't tried too many China Glaze polishes... but I am deffo going to dig out the others I own and give them a proper go...


  1. Oh wow this is just beautiful!!

  2. Oh wow! This is incredible! Especially over the black. I want it so bad!

  3. Gorgeous! I love China Glaze polish, they're one of my favourite brands x

  4. I have this and never knew what what way to wear it. Now I do.. Over black :) looks lovely.

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