Thursday, 18 April 2013

Soap & Glory-fied... Part 1

My Loving Husband is flipping awesome. Apart from getting me my own Kindle for my birthday, He also managed to bag me one of the Soap & Glory Train cases filled with products. And it contains a goodly amount of vouchers (many of which I was too broke to use), but I managed to stash a wee bit of cash and treat myself to some bits as I have been extremely good at not purchasing any make-up and trying to use what I have.

I wanted to sample the makeup... so I got these:

Soap & Glory Lid Stuff Quad in Smokey Dokey and Soap & Glory Smoulder Kohl Eyeliner pencil and I was just lucky enough to go into Boots during a Buy 2 products get this free promotion, so the Soap & Glory CheekMate cheek & lip stain was Free!

Soap & Glory Lid Stuff (€14.99) is only gorgeous. Its soft and silky and smoother than.... er well its super smooth. Their 8 hour longevity claim is good too. I put this to the test many times over the last month and my eyes looked just as good at 8pm as they did at 8:30am when I applied it. The colours are right up my alley and even though they are typically smokey colours, they look great during the day too.

But my favourite is Diamond Dust. A soft Lilac Grey that seems to bring out the yellow Gold flecks hidden in my brown eyes.

Smolder Kohl (€11.99) is Buh-uh-lack. Seriously black. And it is soft and smudgey and sets after 4 or 5 minutes so you can smoke it out and build up a serious base before it becomes un-budge-able.

 I have used this on my waterline too: it doesn't drag and leaves an even line of colour that stays most of the day. This is very, very similar to Avon's SuperShock liner... actually its exactly the same. Except it has a built-in sharpener and a pointy scrapey thing. Its deffo a keeper.

Then the Freebie: Soap & Glory CheekMate (normal RRP is €7.99 I think).

I have to confess I am scared of powder blush.... I am positively TERRIFIED of cream blush and liquid blush. So as a freebie, this was a bit of a trial for me.

It comes out of the tube blood red. and at first blend it is still blood red. But, once it is properly blended out it is a gorgeous pink flush that you can Just see on my wrist. While I haven't exactly used this on my cheeks I have used this on my lips and it is very pretty. It gives an extremely pretty pink just smooched flush to my lips that I like, but without feeling like I have something on my lips that I have to keep re-applying. And since you only use a smidge, this is going to last me about 6 years I recon...

All in all I am rather pleased with my Soap and Glory purchases, and I am looking forward to making more!


  1. i actually haven't really tried a lot of the S&G makeup. Must pick some up next time I am in dublin x

  2. I really like Soap & Glory, I wish they'd have included something like the eyeliner or cheek stain in their big Christmas set instead of the horrible mascara or lipgloss! It's hard to find a really black eyeliner that doesn't cost the earth, this one looks really good.

  3. Ooooooo the eye shadows look lovely

  4. Ooh, I love the look of the eyeshadows and the kohl. *adds to wishlist*

  5. the shadows look really good! perfect handy little palette to help create a few looks. I've never tried any Soap and Glory makeup but I keep hearing good things. Must be worth a shot :)

  6. I have yet to try their cosmetic make-up products! I love their body products so much I think I will have to try them out once and for all *marches off to shops*...wait they are closed now but I will march off tomorrow!! x


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