Tuesday, 16 April 2013

NYC Applelicious Balm and Casa Skew Moves..

So we moved house. Again. After I swore that last time was the last time that we were going to move. You know that thing they say about Famous Last Words.... yeah that. But I'm back Baby!!! Anyways, just before we moved, NYC sent out these delicious little lip hybrids... NYC Applelicious Balm is what they are called and they are flipping AWESOME!!!

Busting budgets everywhere, €2.49 is what it will cost you for one of the 5 shades available. And these are widely distributed, you just need to know where to look (Penneys and some Pharmacies are your best bet).

During the move I had Caramel Apple next to my bed and I would lash it on first thing in the morning (barefaced school run, packing boxes, organising movers, letting workmen into the new place etc) and last thing at night. Apple Blossom was in my car, so that I could apply it on the run, and Applelicious Pink was stored safely in my handbag so that I could "prettify" when I needed to...

And while my nails took an absolute beating over the last 4 weeks, my lips stayed in very good condition. I didn't use any other balms (mainly cos I couldn't find any others) and my lips never cracked or flaked or went horribly dry.

If you can find these readily... bag a few and stash them in places where you will see them to use them, cos they are really worth it!

PR Sample gratefully received


  1. Ugh I really wanted to get all of these but my chemist were sold out!! It was a very sad day and I had to pick up some expert last lipsticks to console me ;)

  2. I love these lippies, i picked up 2, but possibly gonna get the rest!!

  3. Can never find NYC anywhere, good to hear that these aren't just cute but that they actually work too, I'm always a bit wary of the ones that aren't specifically for lip repair - great to hear they kept your lips in good condition! Best of luck in your new home x

  4. I really want to try these! I keep hearing positive things about them :0 Good luck with the new house also :D


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