Monday, 4 March 2013

My other rescuer: Mariga from Skin Essentials

The wonderful, lovely, super friendly and fantastically helpful Mariga Sheedy came to my aid over the Christmas period for our Ladybird Carols By Candle Light.

Mariga runs Wexford Beauty Salon in Wexford, as well as dispensing advice over Twitter, and she also very helpfully will give you a consult over email if you visit her blog and fill in her distance client form, which is handy for somebody looking for personalised advice, but lives out in the sticks...

Anyways, Mariga donated one of her limited edition Christmas Candles as a prize for our raffle. And when it arrived (it arrived in one piece!) I was so so tempted to keep it for myself as it smelled absolutely divine!!!

But I handed it over to be raffled off. Reluctantly. (Is it sad that I am waiting for Christmas 2013 to roll around so that I can nab one of these beauties for myself??)

If you get chance, make a cup of tea and have a little read of Mariga's blog posts, they are informative and contain loads of common sense tips that we often overlook in our haste to look beautiful.

I have plans to visit Mariga in the future, just as soon as I can organise to get down to Wexford.

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  1. That candle looks amazing! Hope you and all the family are keeping well:)


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