Monday, 11 February 2013

Times Square is not at all square, its Lovely!

This is the most beautiful Bright "Rernge" (reddish orange) that I have ever seen. NYC 224 Times Square is seriously gorgeous. Its bright and cheery and perfect for summer.

Or something a little different for V-day.

This does need 2 coats, possibly 3 to completely cover any visible nail line or VNL. I used 2 coats for this mani, both of which dried really quickly. But I found that I got tip wear REALLY quickly with this shade, as you can see in the pic below. So you either need to get a top coat on this baby really quickly, or hire a butler to do everything for you.

NYC 002 Full Metal Jacket made an appearance too. I used a fine brush to add lines and dots and just kinda winged it... and it turned out ok. Next time I think I will just use a dotting tool though...
Also next time: I will not do my nails before bed.

And I will also use a top coat.

I generally tend to lean towards the blue/green/purple side of the colour wheel, but with Times Square, NYC may just have changed my mind.

NYC Polishes retail at an extremely reasonable €1.29 for the 9.7ml bottle and provided you use thin coats it will dry in about a minute!

As I said I am really liking this bright cheerful shade. It makes me happy to see my nails flicking over the keyboard on a grey miserable rainy Monday morning...

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