Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Lush Newry- The ladybird's Champion!

This post is very late. I was supposed to do it over the Christmas period, But I am only getting to it now. Its difficult organising 16 6yr old into a reasonable chorus to lead a packed hall of parents, aunties, uncles, cousins & grandparents in a candle-lit carolling session. And January seemed to just run past me (even though it seemed about 8 weeks long at the time...)

But at the beginning of November 2012, I approached a few People to see if they would be able to help my Girl Guides (Blackrock Sundial Ladybirds 5 - 7 yrs) out with a few raffle prizes for our Carols by Candle Light evening. The event was to raise fund to upgrade our community center facilities, and I am humbled and so thankful to the people that helped us out with FANTASTIC prizes...

One of the first to respond to my request was my local Lush store. Based in Newry, Anne-Marie mailed me back almost immediately and offered up 3 gifts for our raffle. How amazing is that?

Me and the wonderful Anne-Marie

Anne-marie told me to pop in and collect the prizes when ever I was ready and we arranged to meet. I honestly though we would get a few bathbombs and maybe a few body products in a wee gift bag and possibly one of the mid ranged gift boxes.

I was very mistaken!!!! Anne Marie had these three beauties waiting for me:

Ray of Sunshine



and Holy flipping Moly: The Art of Bathing!

These prizes made our prize table look extremely inviting and we sold a good few tickets based on their presence!

I would like to say a Humongous THANK YOU to Anne-Maire and her team at Lush Newry, they are super helpful, without being bothersome, and wonderfully supportive of their community.

I have a few more thank you's to make, so look out for some lovely businesses to support, cos you know they are supporting your communities!

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