Monday, 4 February 2013

Catrice Spectaculart: My picks of the collection

Catrice Spectaculart is curently on stands (and has been for about 4 weeks now). And I really think the best of the bunch are the Pure Chrome Eyeshadows. There are four on offer, but I only picked up two: C01 So Precious and C04 Artfully Lustrous for €4.49 each.

Catrice Spectaculart Pure Chrome Eye Shadows

And they are only gorgeous.

Catrice precision eyeliner in Khaki , C01 So Precious and C04 Artfully Lustrous

Catrice Spectaculart Artfully Lustrous is a lovely pearlescent flesh coloured shadow. There is a wee bit of fall out from it, but if you are lucky and it falls in the right place (the top of your cheekbones) then if you blend it in lightly you get a lovely highlight on your cheekbones. I have been using this quite often, just under my eyebrows and on the inner corners of my eyes. When I am done applying it to my eyes I run the brush over the tops of my cheekbones and down the center of my nose... hey its soft and subtle high-lighting at its best...

Catrice Spectaculart C04 Artfully Lustrous

C04 So Precious is the prettiest tarnished gold. Vintage gold with a subtle khaki undertone that makes it a super interesting metallic eye shadow. I really think it is the prettiest colour I own at the moment and I love how it looks on my eyes...

Cartice Spectaculart C01 So Precious

As with all of the Catrice eye shadows, the formulation is soft and blends easily and these can be used wet to increase the intensity or patted over a cream shadow base. But I am liking this for its soft metallic finish that is easy to slap on in the dark and it still looks good.

Photos taken in the car while waiting for my boss... it was the best light I have had all week

The light hasn't been the best lately, but I am reaching for these two shadows more than any other in my stash lately. I am just sorry the rest of the Spectaculart collection didn't tickle my fancy as much as these did...

soft and pretty.... and so easy.

This is what I have been using to do my face all week, it takes me about 10 minutes and it looks like I made a whole lot of effort (even if I haven't)


  1. When I first seen them I thought they looked like those bouncey blushes from Maybelline!!

    I love when brands make the effort and put a pattern on the shadow...It's like more thought was put into it X


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