Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Nails for Sue, Cherry Sue...

One of my favourite people in the twitterverse and the bloggoverse is the inimitable Sue Jordan. She is the roadwise-est person I know, as well as being a wonderful parent (if a little evil), writing her own blog, Cherry Sue Doin' The Do, and occasionally contributing to Beaut.ie . She is the one who turned me on to OPI Nail Envy and this is my little tribute to her:

Sue Nails!!!! With Gold Accented Cherries!!!!

I used the following polishes & tools:

Catrice Ultimate Nail Laquer 905 Steel My Soul
Essence Colour and Go 140 Go Bold!
Avon Matte Nail varnish in Black as Night
Avon Nail Polish in Cherry Jubilee
Sally Hansen Insta-dry
Dotting Tools

I painted all but my ring fingers in Catrice Steel My Soul. A beautiful matte mauvey polish shot through with very fine gold micro glitter. You only really need one medium coat for full opacity, and I would have gotten away with one thin coat but I was worried about tip wear. I used 2 coats of the Essence Go Bold on my ring fingers.

Then I used a large dotting tool to dot 2 fairly large blobs of Cherry Jubilee about 2 thirds of the way down my ring finger nail.

Using a fine dotting tool I dragged the matte black polish to make two stalks to join the cherries together.

Also used the fine dotting tool to add little gold accents to my cherries. Cos Sue has little gold accents everywhere too!!

I finished up the ring fingers with a coat of Insta-dry.

I hope I have done Sue justice. When I grow up I want to be just as awesome as Sue. I am taking parenting notes from her and everything! 

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