Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Winter essentials... Limited edition Essence Hand Creams

The weather is definitely turning colder and I find I am reaching for my creams and balms more to keep the dry skin itch away, and when I am on a very tight budget, news of a lovely balm packed with pampering ingredients like Shea butter and coconut oil is welcome news. When it comes in three christmassy scents and comes from my favourite budget brand Essence, it makes me very happy :). Essence Limited Edition Hand Balms are available on shelves (look by all the other hand creams) from mid October 2012 until December 2012, and will cost a budget-beating €1.49.

I can't go far wrong with the descriptions sent to me and I will deffo be picking up the ginger one as I am very, very partial to a Chai Latte... And I will get a few to keep on hand for emergency presents too

essence 24h hand protection balm – caramel hot chocolate €1.49

"Chocoholics take note – here comes a special highlight: enriched with a touch of caramel, this subtle hot chocolate version is a real treat for your senses! But its pampering effect doesn't fall short either. The tried and tested 24 hour repair formula with Shea butter and coconut oil gives dry, chapped hands lots of moisture to keep them soft and ideally protected no matter how cold it is outside."

essence 24h hand protection balm – gingerbread chai latte €1.49

"The aromatic, exotic scent of chai latte combined with Christmassy gingerbread perfectly rounds off this pampering experience for your hands and is sure to get you in the mood for wintertime!  Rich Shea butter and valuable coconut oil ingredients provide stressed, dry winter skin with plenty of moisture for a perfectly protected feeling that lasts for 24 hours."

essence 24h hand protection balm – apple cinnamon punch €1.49

The scent of the spicy, fruity punch version with apple and cinnamon creates a real Christmas Market atmosphere. Guaranteed to be alcohol-free, this 24 hour hand protection balm pampers your senses and is this winter season’s ultimate must-have care product. With essence, rough, chapped hands are a thing of the past.


  1. These sound great, I'm in the market for a new hand cream so I'll definitely be checking these out. The apple and cinnamon sounds lovely.

  2. Oh excellent, I loved last year's versions so will definitely be picking up some of these! The gingerbread sounds lovely!


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