Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Supremely Gentle Exfoliation with Pukka Ayurveda

When this petty little box popped through the post hole in my door, I was a bit dubious. A purple paste to exfoliate? Really? I was pleasantly surprised. Pukka Ayurveda Nourishing Brightener (€16) is a fabulously gentle exfoliator that has helped me keep the dry flakey bits away, especially now with the seasons that be a-changing...

100% ethically sourced organic fruits, roots, leaves and seeds gently exfoliate and can be mixed to suit individual skin needs. Its also got no nasty stuff...

The box says to use about a teaspoon of product and mix to a paste with your chosen "moisture medium", But I don't think you need a whole teaspoon, a good half teaspoon (I use a plastic medicine spoon) does just fine.

Mix with:
·Water – for an effective nourishing and brightening exfoliator, great for oily skin.
·Cleanser– for a deeply cleansing formulation perfect for dull, dehydrated skin.
·Toner– to clarify congested or combination skin.
·Facial Oil– to restore and pamper dry, damaged or thirsty skin.

Gentle exfoliation prepares the skin for receiving moisturiser and I have found that it has helped my skin to absorb the acne treatment and moisturiser much better and my skin is starting to look good with my blemishes drying out and dissappearing. The acne treatment is quite harsh, so I am needing a fairly heavy duty, but Supremely gentle exfoliator to slough off dry skin. And this is doing the job spectacularly.

It is messy. Use this in the shower to avoid it looking like a 4yr old played mud-pie in your sink. And it is odd, but once you start massaging the mix into your face, the earthy, herby smell immediately relaxes you. And its not a scrubby scrub. It feels more like it is rolling the dry skin off your face. It really is gentle. A quick rinse under the sprayer and you are good to moisturise. Twice a week is suiting my skin down to the ground.

Would I recommend this? YES. Would I repurchase... Definitely. Find this in Good Pharmacies.

*PR Sample Gratefully Received

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