Monday, 15 October 2012

Halloween hotness with NYC

NYC (or New York Colour.... and yay... its spelled correctly!) has a few goodies up its sleeve to help you get a very Glam Halloween look.

First up NYC's Automatic Eye Pencil in Plum (€2.99), isn't exactly plum, its more of a brown with a subtle purple undertone, but it is the perfect colour to enhance zombie eyes, or to create that tired, bruised look for eyes. Its also a lovely warm brown that is soft, doesn't drag, and sticks around for the whole day. Its a twisty-uppy one, so needs no sharpening. Nice.

Next is NYC's Showtime Glitter Liner (€1.79), a good liner, perfect for Glittery Kitty Whiskers. Its soft and black and surprisingly non-scratchy, considering the amount of glitter that is contained in the pencil. It does have a tendency to smudge. A Lot. So no rubbing of eyes once this is on...

NYC's High Definition Felt Liner (€2.79) takes joint first place in my pick of these pops... a proper black liner that can be used to get thick and thin flicks. Use the liner's firm point for skinny mini lines, or use the liner side on to get a thicker line. Once it dries it's not going anywhere. I like it and I have been using it 4 days out of 7 just lately.

Joining the Hi-Def Liner in my Halloween Favourites is the beautiful NYC Expert Last Nail Polish (€1.99) in City Blackout. Opaque in one coat, and black as the depths of a moonless night, this gorgeous glossy finish on my nails was achieved in just one coat. ONE COAT! There is no top coat on it, no quick dry drops, nothing. That gloss just blows me away. It does need a top coat to protect it though, as it wears at the tips very quickly (within 6 hours) and the day after I applied it I found my first chip. But a top coat will sort out that issue.

NYC also have a few other goodies for Halloween: a Glow in the Dark top coat (€2.49) for nails, two-tone lipsticks (€2.99) a lovely Volumising Mascara (€3.49) and gorgeous false lashes (€2.99).

I can't wait for Halloween....

 *PR Samples Gratefully Received

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