Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Ghostly Lollipops for little Trick or Treaters...

So I spent the morning with the kids making Halloween treats. Specifically these wee ghosties. Super easy to do, super cheap, but still quite spectacular and Weenie Trick or Treaters love them.

All you need is Lollipops/suckers/chuppachips, tissues, string/thread/wool and a marker.

Gather your supplies.

Cut string/thread/wool to size, I used white thread about 10 - 12 cms long.

Open out the tissue and lay flat on the table. Place the lollipop in the center

Fold the tissue over diagonally and gather just under the lolly

Give a gentle twist

and tie the string at the base of the lolly.

Dot on two dots for eyes and a third for the mouth

and voila!

Kids were kept entertained for 2 hours this morning making treats to hand out at the door.

 And when you let the kids do their own dotting you do't just get Ghosties... you also get Aliens:

Until tomorrow, I have stored them upside down in a large bowl. Looks very pretty, rather like a bunch of "Wedding Flowers" as my 7yr old noted.

 Happy Halloween!!!!

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