Wednesday, 19 September 2012

OPI Update: Nail Envy

Yes oh yes. No more flakey nails for moi, no siree. OPI Nail Envy is my new base coat of choice. I'm going to say it: It is my Holy Grail Nail Product.

OPI Nail Envy... My HG Nail Product

It took a while, but the results really do speak for themselves. After using it religiously for 3 months, under every coat of nail varnish, I only have one stubborn nail (middle finger is giving me the middle finger...) but it is submitting to my will. I have 9 other nails that are strong and non-flakey. Its fantastic!

there is the stubborn middle nail. And I need some cuticle oil again!

Is it worth the RRP of €18 per bottle? yes. But if you are lucky you can pick up 2 bottles in a banded pack for the price of a single bottle. And regularly runs this special so keep an eye out!

Sue Jordan is a fan, and I am ever grateful to her for suggesting this..


  1. Your nails look fabulous! Thanks for the shout out too M'Lady, it's really appreciated x

  2. I'm using this at the moment, liking it so far! :)

  3. My middle finger on my left hand is a NIGHTMARE, I slammed my finger in a woodern door when i was 10, its been groovy (ha) and flakes ever since. Really must try this x

    1. hehe, both of my thumbs are horribly lumpy. Thry the stuff... it won't help the lumpiness, but it will help the flakes!!!


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