Monday, 6 August 2012

Mani(c) Monday: the weather, my mood and the Mexican mani

I have been wanting to try a gradient/ombré mani for ages. I like the way they look, but honestly, I couldn't be arsed. A: Its complicated (I am lazy) and B: its time consuming (I am lazy).

esseh Hombré, whatchoo doin'?

You have to:
- find 3 or 4 colours in the same (or complimentary or even opposite) colour family,
- then I have to dig out a new cosmetic sponge
- find the foil and fold it nicely,
- find a bowl of water
- dig out my nail remover pen (to clean edges)
- and then the absolute bane of my esistance: I have to find a clear space to work. Its school holidays, the kids are bored of picking up and I am tired of asking. so the house looks like a bit of a tip, granted its toys only (no rubbish) but still, its messy.

But I decided to get my ass in gear and "Nike". Yeah. We Nike in my house, we "just do it". So I just cleared a small space on my coffee table, dug out everything I needed, told the kids to play outside  and got started.

I dipped my sponge into the polish and sponged it onto the nail

I followed the basic instructions that I found on This Post from The Beauty Department, and decided to go with a grungy feel, to match the weather and my mood this week. Nothing Mexican about it, except that every time I say "Ombré" I want to precede it with the word: "Esseh.."

Catrice 610 ASHley & Catrice LE Big City C04 New York

I decided to try to do an accent nail on my ring fingers, but it didn't turn out as nicely as I had hoped and I think mostly ruined the symmetry and effect that the gradient in colours creates.

All hail The Claw!!!

I used 2 Catrice Polishes: one is a Limited Edition from a past collection that I found on sale (whoop whoop), and the other is being discontinued.

1st attempt at gradients

All fingers except ring:
Base: 2 coats of Catrice 610 ASHley
Gradient sponge: Catrice Big City C04 New York

Ring fingers:

Base: 2 coats Catrice Big City C04 New York
Gradient sponge: Catrice 610 ASHley

If you leave it without a top coat it leaves a very textured finish, its rough and tactile and its not particularly shiny. So I finished it off with Sally Hansen Insta-Dry to seal the colour and preserve the tips (ASHley shows tip-wear very quickly).

Insta-dry on the left hand, nothing on the right yet

I like it. Its not my favourite, but its okay. Its a start. Now I have the basic tools to do it close by, and hopefully practice will make me more proficient...

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