Tuesday, 31 July 2012

those sachet and sample pots...

So you know those little sachets (or sat-chetts as I like to call them)... I have LOADS of them. And I keep meaning to use them...but first you have to get them open, then you have to try to squish out the right amount (which never happens) and then you have to find a way to store them upright until the next time you have to use it...

Well... I found a solution and I am loving it. Don't know why I didn't think of it sooner actually, cos it would have saved me a fair bit of hassle.

Lovely Jubbly Nuxe Eye cream Sat-chetts

So now I "Snip the Tip" or corner and smoosh all the product/lotion/goo into a spotlessly clean and sterile sample pot. Use as necessary and then seal it up and worry no more about what that suspicious white er... "lotion" is on your dresser...

no mess no fuss and it stays sealed so it stays uncontaminated.

And the reason why I like this way of doing it sooo much... Once I had dispensed my wonderful Sample of Nuxe Nirvanesque Eye Contour Cream (2ml sachet that I received with one of my Cloud10 orders), it lasted me almost a month.

And it is wonderful stuff indeed.  Nuxe Nirvanesque Eye Contour Cream is on my Birthday list. It is that good. And I was very very sad when my scraped the last bit of the sample out of the pot. Sigh.

But not to worry... I had another little sample ready and waiting to go into my cleaned, sterilised pot... another Nuxe goodie: Prodigieuse Anti-Aging Eye Cream. Its not quite as good as its Nirvanaesque counterpart, it doesn't seem to last as long, but it is working nicely on the little fine lines around my eyes.

Prodigieuse Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Now you really want to be careful when re-using your pots... you want them good and clean and sterile. And to do this I make use a 2 step (overkill) process to clean my little pots. First I wash them out using dish-washing liquid and water as hot as I can stand, making sure that I get all the nooks and crannies (I use a toothpick to get into the line between the bottom and the sides of the pot and the bits in the lid). Then I allow them to dry completely and then leave them to soak in a strong solution of Milton overnight, before draining them and allowing to dry again and then putting the lids on them to keep them clean.

I know it looks suspicious... but its Eye Cream.. I SWEAR. 

I have a good few of these little pots, which are great to haul out of your bag when an iffy counter lady "has no sample pots", or when I have get given a few sachets of a sample that I want to get a good use out of.

How do you manage your sachets?

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