Monday, 2 July 2012

Mani(c) Monday: I keep coming back to Nude...

This is a manicure I keep doing time and time a gain. And after I showed my mom, she wanted the bits to take home with her because she loved it  so much too.

It really is a simple look to do, even the most cack-handed of us can achieve a look that is really beautiful.

And all you really need to do is paint a nude colour onto nails, wait for it to dry and then blob on Essence's Make It Golden (or one of the more expensive glitter polishes) onto the tips or tops or your nails and then top with a top coat and Viola! (or Voila which ever you prefer).

This time, my nude polish of choice is from the Nude Glam range that is on Essence stands now, the 5ml bottle costs the usual 1.29 and I chose 06 Hazelnut Cream Pie.

In the bottle you can see a very subtle purple/pink/blue micro shimmer running through the pale beige creme, and I was really hoping that it would translate onto the nail, but sadly, it doesn't. Well not in 2 coats...

A single thin coat is 80% opaque, but it dries quickly and you can apply a second coat soon after applying the first.
1 thin coat 
2 thin coats

Once you get three coats, though, the shimmer kind of shows through on the nail, but its not madly obvious...

 Its a lovely colour all on its own, but I wanted the micro-shimmer to really show through...

 So I used the top coat from one of the  Essence Colour3 duos: Its Just a little Crush, to really emphasise the shimmer, and then after that dried, I blobbed Make it Golden onto the tips of my nails. cos there is no such thing as too much sparkle.... am I right?

Easy Peasy, lemon squeezy.

So, what do you recon? Does it look ok?

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