Friday, 15 June 2012

Nail Envy... Oh yes I do....

After much envying of Cherry Sue's nails, and much cajoling of my budget, I managed to get my hands on OPI Nail envy.

And not just one bottle, I managed to bag one of the last BOGOF banded packs from So for the princely sum of €21.95 (including shipping, but I used a discount code that Sue had), I bagged OPI Nail Envy Original and Nail Envy Matte.

So essentially I got each bottle for a little more than a Tenner. Score! I had priced a single bottle of Nail Envy in Boots: €18.95.

And its done wonders for my nails. They have mostly stopped peeling and flaking, apart from 2 nails that are my most used nails (I know I need to stop using them), and they are definitely feeling stronger.

Its easy to use, 2 thin coats as a base, and then one coat every other day. Which means that if, like me, you do your nails on a Sunday, then you won't top up until Tuesday, and then again on Thursday.

You can use this as a top coat over nail varnish as well, (paint 2 thin coats as your base, paint your chosen varnish/polish/nail art) and use OPI Nail Envy as your top coat. Its not as effective as it would be on its own, but it will still work.

The wide brush spreads the formula evenly over the nails, it is a bit runny, but it dries quickly provided you use THIN coats.

I am loving what it has done for my nails. And when this runs out I will be getting myself another bottle, even if it means having to pay full price for it.

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