Monday, 18 June 2012

Mani(c) Monday: Tooty Fruity

Sigh... its Essence again today...

Their Fruity Range for Spring/Summer 2012 FINALLY made it to my village stand (the Essence stand in Penneys in the Marshes Shopping Center is STILL stocking the Ballerina range, I kid you not), and I was not overly enthralled with the range.

But I did pick up this nail varnish. I think this is 05 Mashed Berries (€2.29 for 10ml), but since the bottles are not labelled or numbered, so, I think this is Mashed Berries, and I like it.

Its a lovely cotton-candy (candy-floss) pink jelly-creme with a smattering of purple glitter. Pretty in a bottle really.

The only thing is that this needs 3 coats to be fully opaque, but the glitter does shine through all 3 coats.

It wears pretty well. It didn't need a top coat, and the glitter wasn't at all gritty in the pink polish and it was really lovely and shiny, it really doesn't need a top coat. Another plus: it comes off easily using an acetone based nail varnish remover.

Mashed Berries wore for 5 days before it started showing real tip-wear, and that is pretty impressive for a polish that cost €2.29. And I only actually took it off cos I got a bit bored of it and was looking to change it up a bit.

Over all I think this was the nicest of the colours that are in the collection. I also picked up the Very Cherry Lip Balm, but more on that later...


  1. It is such a nice summer colour! I hate when chemists don't get the new collections. My local chemist looked at me as if I had two heads when I asked when the next collection was coming in. Us bloggers need our beauty fixes!

    1. I know exactly the feeling. My Chemist knows me already...


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