Monday, 4 June 2012

Mani(c) Monday... a re-visit.

First: Happy Bank holiday. I really hope the sun shines!

I promised that I would post proper pics of the Essence Colour 3 nail polish I used in this post . 

I painted my pinkie and ring finger in Midnight Date and my middle and index fingers in City That Never Sleeps.

From the top to the bottom (index to pinkie):
Index finger: 2 coats City That Never Sleeps
Middle finger: 1 coat City That Never Sleeps
Ring finger: 2 coats Midnight Date
Pinkie finger: 1 coat Midnight Date

I love all the colours of the rainbow, but for some reason blue seems to be the colour I am drawn to...
You can't really see the micro shimmer in this pic, but it is there if you see it in the sunshine...

 I tried to hard to capture the peacock nature of the flecks in the top coat, but my little camera struggled and got all confused, so this is my best attempt. I love City That Never Sleeps, worn on its own, is just gorgeous!

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