Monday, 25 June 2012

Mani(c) Monday: Glorious Gold Gorgeousness (dupe alert)

I FOUND IT !!!!!!!
And I feel a bit like a bond girl... so cue the music.. 

I found a dupe for a nail varnish I have been lusting after ever since I spied it adorning Lovely Cherry Sue's nails in this post for Paddy's Day.

I have been looking for a nice gold-foil polish to add to my collection for ages. The one that I do own (Avon Mirrorshine in Gold Foil) stains my nails terribly even if I use a base coat, so I never wear it unless I am willing to put up with yellow nails.

One skinny coat and its almost opaque.... and no streaks...

And while I was browsing my local Catrice stand (with my wonderful Mom who has come to visit me for a few weeks) I spotted this beauty hiding away in the corner of the stand...

I snapped it up, and refused to let go of it. It was the last bottle on the stand. And it was MINE!!!!

And I am "in the Love". I have worn this on my nails for the last 2 weeks. And I am not tired of its Glorious Gold Gorgeousness... and it doesn't stain!!!!!!!

One thin coat of Goldfinger...
so pretty...

Two thin coats and it is completely opaque, and it dries super quickly. Streaking is minimal (what looks like streaking is actually my nail ridges) and longevity is pretty good. I got 5 days before I had noticeable tip wear, and that was without a top coat. 

2 coats... of gorgeousness
Gold in the Sunshine

The 2nd best bit (the Bestest bit is the Gorgeous Gold Goodness) is that Catrice 650 Goldfinger costs just €2.79 as opposed to Revlon Gold Coin, which comes in at €9, and way cheaper than Dior's Timeless Gold, (which shows beautifully and I believe its in or around the €22 mark).

the sun came out especially to shine on my nails...

If another bottle of this magically appears on the stand I will snap it up and hide it with my back-up bottles of favourite polishes... just don't tell my husband....


  1. I have the revlon version. That Catrice version is a bargain!

  2. I love catrice polishes they are great quality have brill names and are cheep as chips


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