Tuesday, 19 June 2012

It knocked me on my ass... in a good way

I opened this little bottle of goodness and the smell brought back so many memories, it was a good thing I was sitting down, because my knees started shaking and the memories took over my senses.

Beautifying Oils are new to The Body Shop's stash of lovely budget and earth friendly products. RRP for a 100ml Bottle is €15. They contain up to 99.6% natural ingredients, some of which are: Marula Nut oil, Kukui Nut oil and Sweet Almond oil. There are 11 different fragrances, and I got the Moringa one.

To me, The Body Shop Moringa Beautifying Oil is the most beautiful lightly sweet floral smell, with an earthy undertone, that stops it from being overly saccharine. I am totally in love with it. It reminds me of long hot summer afternoons, running around the garden under a Jacaranda tree, frolicking (I had long blondish hair, and a love of floaty dresses, and hey I was 6 years old... I frolicked) in its purple flowers. To me, the Moringa smell smells just like the Jacaranda.

The Body Shop says that this is a dry oil that can be used on the body, face and hair, I wouldn't use this on my hair, it doesn't feel like a hair oil to me. A few other bloggers have trialled this on their hair and it didn't suit them. I have used this occasionally on my face, once or twice a week as a moisture boost, and its lovely. It sinks in quickly, provided you use it sparingly and didn't break me out.

The teensy nozzle under the flip top lid (yay for flip top lids) allows for drop by drop dispensing for use on the face, but the bottle is soft enough for you to squeeze to dispense a good short squirt of oil to be used on the body. And the 100ml size means you can take it on the plane with no hassles.

But the place where the beautifying oils really comes into its own, is on the body. Its is rich enough to be really moisturising, but its not greasy, and it sinks in quickly. And the Moringa scent that is left behind has me sniffing my limbs surreptitiously. I ADORE this product, and will quite happily spring for the next bottle. I am hoping to be able to add the body butter to my stash, as anything that reminds me of long hot South African summer days is a necessity in my cupboard.

Its the smell that really gets me. It reminds me of my youth. My 6yr old youth, and my not so 6yr old youth. More like my 18yr old youth.... and the summer of er... um... Luuurrrrve I had. The memories are some of my most cherished.

So for bringing those memories ...

... muchly.


  1. I love this stuff for my face and body :) I was one of the ones whose hair it didn't work in though.

    1. Ah the smell!!! I love it so much, I want to get a few more of the moringa products, just as soon as mu budget allows!


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