Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Compact Factor 50

Eau Thermale Avène is a French skincare line that utilises the properties of thermal spring water for the treatment of sensitive skin. And their Sunscreens are among the best out there for sensitive skins, with 2 Ranges, White and Orange. This baby arrived just in time for the lovely weather we had a week or so ago, and I took full advantage of the great sunshine to test it out.

Super-duper High Protection compact: a hybrid

The products in white packaging contains 100% mineral filters, which means that these products for a protective barrier on the skin that act as a full-on shield to the sun, good for highly sensitive and reactive skin types. The Orange Products are a blend of mineral, organic and chemical sunscreens that offer full broad spectrum protection for normal to sensitive skins. Both ranges are formulated with Avène thermal spring water to soothe and soften the skin.

Eau Thermale Avène High Protection Compact Foundation SPF 50 Beige (what a mouthful!) retails at €25.41 for 10g and is worth every cent if you have to complexion to pull this off.

The sponge for the product is kept separately so it doesn't soak up product

Most Irish skins will need a tan or you will need to be of a light/medium (more medium though) skin tone to wear this. And on the first day I wore this I got the most wonderful compliment from my sister-in-law: She said that my skin was looking really really Lovely, what was I wearing on it, because it made me look really well.
Not that I had been ill or anything, but this was a serious compliment, especially coming from her.

see my dinky camera? and the pretty compact too...

So I had to dig out the compact and show her. She nearly robbed it off me, but I hung onto it bravely and have worn it nearly every single day since. I have barely made a dent in it and I have been using it a good two weeks (by the time this post goes up).

Heavily swatched, its a bit scary

I used in the fabulous sunshine that Ireland experienced and I didn't even go a bit pink. I was fully protected and I didn't have to re-apply too often.

Roughly blended and less scary

This Avene Compact foundation didn't feel greasy or oily or heavy, despite the hefty SFP50. It does provide a lovely matte finish, that evened out my pigmentation and smoothed over lines and pores, without caking or settling. Bonus. My skin felt really good during the day, not tight and not oily, just good. And when I happened to touch my face my skin felt really silky and smooth.

Fully blended... look how lovely!

The colour looks scary in the pan and even scarier on the sponge (which is stored separately to the foundation), but once blended into the skin, it melts away while leaving a delicious glow, I look lightly tanned and healthy, and NATURAL. It is safe to say that I am "In The Love" with this and I will re-purchase, I love this stuff so much.

yep, NO idea what I was thinking here either...

The Avène range is stocked in selected pharmacies. Check them out.

This was a PR Sample


  1. Oh this sounds great! It looks lovely on you too.

  2. Loving the sound of this, Joanne loves her La Roche Posay one but I'd say this would be gorgeous on her too and SPF50?! Deadly :) Looks gorge on ya

    1. I tried the LRP one (teint mineral I think) but I found it was quite drying on my skin and tended to settle in my lines... the Avene one doesn't, and the spf is a godsend for me and my sun-damaged south african skin...


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