Friday, 11 May 2012

Friday Funny...

I have seen loads of the "fish egg" manicure DIY's doing the rounds...

Cherry Sue did one of my faves over on The Mothership ( and she is giving away the bits to DIY on her bloggeroony.

This image is the one that is from the Official Distributer, Ciate, that is doing the rounds.

And thene there are the stories of the Cease and desist emails that Ciate have been sending bloggers who are doing their own versions of this manicure.

The Daughter and I decided to get in on the DIY action. But I didn't have the little beads that you need to do this. So we decided to use what we had...

I have NO IDEA what these beads are called, all I know is that you do a design on a mini prickle board and then cover it with foil and then iron it. The beads melt together and voila! you get a little piece of art.

Yeah, so that is the closest thing we had to the minuscule glass beads. This is the before picture (well its after she had been playing with some of my old make-up):

So what we basically did was put on a slick of lipgloss and then we grabbed a handful of beads and smooshed them onto our lips. Ladylike. This is the result:

And then my son got in on the action, except he didn't use his hand to pick up some beads.

 He licked his lips and then just smooshed his whole little face into the beads. Man-like:

Happy Friday lovely Readers. I hope you have a great Friday

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