Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Mani(c) Mo...Tuesday : Battle of the Noods

I know its not Monday, but better late than never....

My Go-To Nude nails varnish costs €2.79, is by Catrice and is called Mona Lisa Is Staring Back. Its my perfect nude.

But every now and then I get a craving for something ... darker... dirtier.... more mannequin-like. It isn't often that I get this craving, but when I do, I can never decide which of these 2 to choose.

First up: 17's Lasting Fix Nail Polish in Forever. I won it. So a web search tells me that the 17 Lasting Fix costs £2.99, but the same search tells me that you can't get this shade any more.

Forever is more on the pink side of mannequin. It goes on really nicely, 2 thin coats dry quickly and are fully opaque.

Next: Nails Inc in Basil Street. I got this baby in a Glamour Mag so it cost me €2.44 or sum such paltry amount last year.

Its a more yellowy nude. 2 thin coats dry in a jiffy and give great coverage with no streaking.

I can't really decide which of these I prefer, so I often paint one hand in one colour and the other hand in the other colour and admire my mis-matched hands privately, because nobody has yet noticed that my nails are different colours.

Left hand is Nails Inc, Right hand is 17

Left hand is Nails Inc, Right hand is 17

The day after mannequin-ing my nails, I got bored of it so I used a bobby-pin and dotted a whole lot of dots all over them, using Essence's Boys Are Back in Town.

I quite like the finished look. Even if I did go a bit mad on my ring finger.

I still can't decided between the two nudes though...

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